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Countries in Africa

Over the past 15 years, we have recruited for positions in over 42 countries across Africa. Our clients include successful players across various sectors on the continent.

Thanks to our extensive experience and the expertise of our recruitment teams, CA Global has access to resources, networks, and relationships around the globe. This empowers us as a company to understand our clients’ cultures, operations, business strategies, and industries when carrying out recruitment projects. We stay on top of the latest recruiting trends and technologies to help us source top talent. Whatever stage of the project lifecycle, we bring our clients the right candidates with the needed skills.

Along with being advantageous for our clients, CA Global’s connections and resources benefit candidates searching for jobs in Africa, and we are ready to help qualified jobseekers in seeking out suitable positions. Along with this, we have an Africa Jobs portal where jobhunters can view the latest Africa job listings across various levels and industries.

Central Africa

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Eastern Africa

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Indian Ocean

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Northern Africa

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Southern Africa

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Western Africa

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