soft skills for career success
10 Essential Soft Skills Employers Want You to Have
Employers are looking for more than just technical skills in today's job market. At CA Global Headhunters, we know the...
Graduating with a degree
Degree vs. Experience: Finding Exceptional Talent Beyond Academic Credentials
Discover how CA Global identifies top talent by valuing experience and skills over academic degrees. Learn the key attributes we...
how to achieve career goals
The 5 Traits Commonly Found in People Who Achieve Their Career Goals
Are you a goal-setter or a goal-achiever? CA Global can teach you how you can become both.
Upskilling and Reskilling in the Age of Automation: HR’s Role in Future-proofing the Workforce.
Read about what CA Global has to say regarding upskilling and reskilling as crucial tools for future-proofing the workforce. HR...
skill shortage africa recruitment
Closing the Gap: How CA Global Headhunters Tackle Skill Shortages
Discover how CA Global is addressing global skill shortages and bridging skill gaps by leveraging their expertise in talent acquisition.
africa recruitment talent matchmakers
CA Global Headhunters: Modern Day Matchmakers
Discover the symbiotic relationship between professional recruiters and matchmakers in our latest blog. Learn why businesses should choose CA Global...
freedom in the workplace
Freedom in the Workplace
Discover how freedom in the workplace enhances employee motivation, and innovation. Join us as we reflect on the lessons of...
earth day
Top Tips from CA Global: Eco-Friendly Office Habits to Adopt This Earth Day
Embrace an eco-friendly work space this Earth Day, and every day of the year, by following these top tips from...
Navigating Employment Trends in Africa with CA Global Headhunters
Navigating Employment Trends in Africa with CA Global Headhunters
Read about the African continent's employment trends and how CA Global Headhunters specialise in navigating them.
a phone with all social platform apps next to a laptop of a professional looking for a job
How to Achieve Job Search Success by Managing your Online Reputation
CA Global Headhunters' expertise can help you master your online reputation in your path to achieving job search success in...
Diversity Equity Inclusion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Blueprint for Thriving Workplaces
Read all about Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace in Africa. At CA Global headhunters, we proudly apply DE&I...
an ipad on a wooden table with stock graph on it accompanied by a white a4 page and a pen
How to Get the Pay Raise You Deserve in 2024
Read CA Global Headhunter's expert advise on how to ask for a pay raise in 2024 and get it.
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