10 secrets to staying motivated at work

10 secrets to staying motivated at work

Have you ever tried to “get motivated” at the office but nothing works?

Let’s face it, no one can motivate you except you! You can Google “a million secrets to staying motivated at work” to no avail, if you aren’t going to actively make a change.

This article takes advice from one of the world’s best known motivational speakers, Omar Periu, to provide you with 10 simple tips to help you become (and stay) motivated at work.

Here are 10 quick strategies to  get you motivated:

  1. Condition your mind: Train yourself to regularly think positive thoughts.
  2. Avoid negative people: Not only do negative people drain your energy but they may infect your positive thinking. If you feel that you cannot avoid negative people altogether then limit your time spent around negative people; perhaps a dosage of once a week would be healthy.
  3. Spend time with similarly motivated people: Their positive energy will rub off on you and you can imitate their success strategies.
  4. Spend out-of-office time with colleagues: Many of you think that things need to remain “professional” with colleagues. This is true but why do you think that getting to know someone and being professional is mutually exclusive? Most of our time is spent with our colleagues, so grab a coffee or lunch with a few of your work mates; or go for an end of the week work drinks. You will gain more insight into the people you spend so much time with and it will strengthen your professional bond.
  5. Set goals: Have a daily, weekly or monthly plan and tick off the goals you have achieved. Make them realistic and be flexible.
  6. Be accountable: Take responsibility for the fruits that your efforts bare (or lack thereof). If you blame (or credit) luck, fate or divine intervention, you’ll always have an excuse.
  7. Don’t wait for perfection; do it now! Perfectionists are the losers in the game of life. Strive for excellence rather than the unachievable.
  8. Avoid weak goals: Goals are the soul of achievement, so never begin them with “I’ll try …” Always start with “I will” or “I must.”
  9. Treat inaction as the only real failure: If you don’t take action, you fail by default and can’t even learn from the experience.
  10. Give yourself breaks: Sometimes even the most determined and hardworking people become overwhelmed. You bite off more than you can chew and you face burning yourself out. A much-needed break might be just what you need. Take it!

Do you have some tips that you can share with us on how to be and stay motivated at the office?

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