2013 Recruitment Trends Within Africa

Are you aware that 92% of businesses currently recruit via wide-ranging social media platforms, such as ,Facebook, ,Twitter, ,Google+ and ,LinkedIn?

Globally, online recruitment in the past 5 years has transformed into a vital and well-needed practice within the Human Resource / Recruitment Field. A whopping 70% of corporations actually embrace this and successfully employ this new and modern-day trend. This, however, is very different if we take a look at the African continent; a poor number of 50% reflects how many businesses have adapted to the online world, where agencies utilize basic technology to promote job vacancies, communicate with potential candidates and even use low-function applicant tracking systems. There are, however, innovative and forward-moving companies who have completely embraced this and woken up to social media-based recruitment.

This is the year that sees companies, who deploy well thought out strategies, gain numerous advantages. Recruiters within Africa need to rapidly increase technology skills within the recruitment industry in order to remain competitive.

There are 3 major opportunities for Recruitment Africa:

Recruitment Mobilisation 

It is highly important for recruiters to plan how to mix mobile into the recruitment procedure as a legit channel for employment applications. The advice here is to select software that uses mobile marketing for recruitment adverts and also software that can automate the job application procedure through various mobile channels including SMS, mobile Internet, Instant Messaging and of course USSD.

Opting for job regulators

Traditionally, job boards and other platforms are based on an outdated model of large databases with no connection to job seekers and poor integration to social media. It is crucial for recruiters to begin concentrating on mediums such as Indeed.co.za in order to make better use of their budgets as well as enhance exposure on a job-search tool that provides candidates with what they truly want;  rapid, basic and effective search concerning their job niche.

Utilizing Social Networks

Agencies know that a top source of outside hires reverts back to personal communication yet most corporations within Africa don’t have official referral practices. Employer branding is vital and recruiters must ensure that this is well executed and effectively implemented on their career sites.  Employees are likelier to promote and pass on opportunities/vacancies if recruiters ensure that it’s easy to share the jobs across all social networks. Just as crucial for recruiters is the ability to appropriately track and reward referrals as a means to dodge perfect candidates from falling through the cracks.

A snowballing effect can be seen regarding numerous head-hunters creating candidate referral systems. Integrating the above with a candidate tracking system can easily benefit track referrals along with the source, comments, notes and other content to make better hiring choices.

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