21 Jobs of the Future

21 Jobs of the Future:

The future is quickly approaching. Every day, technology is advancing. Because of this, so is society’s needs and thus the job market. Work is changing, and our needs are changing, making some jobs obsolete as new ones we never thought of before becoming necessary. Cognizant.com has realized this change and have written a report on the 21 Jobs they think will become jobs of the future. According to the report, “The number-one reason why work is changing so quickly: the vista of technology opening up before us. A new digital prairie has appeared on the horizon, full of brilliant people solving unimaginably hard problems with brilliant technologies that are getting smarter and smarter, day by day.”

According to the report, these 21 jobs of the future are shaped by three main themes:

  1. Ethical behaviours: Jobs to ensure that humans and machines alike are behaving appropriately
  2. Security and safety: Jobs to make us feel safe in this highly-technologized future that scares many.
  3. Dreams: Jobs that seemed more science fiction in the past but can easily become reality as a result of advances in technology.

Here are a few of the 21 jobs of the future, and what they entail:

Data trash engineer: This job requires people to identify unused data in an organization, clean that data and feed it into machine-learning algorithms to find hidden insights by not only increasing how much data is collected, but also improving the data quality.

Juvenile Cybercrime Rehabilitation Counselor: This job is essentially a guidance counsellor for cyber offenders. Counselors would rehabilitate and counsel young cyber offenders and teach them about ethical cyber usage.

Joy Adjutant: Joy adjutants are like interior designers, except they help clients visualize life with a clutter free space and what it means to them, thus enhancing joy in a time of overloading.

Algorithm Bias Auditor: Those that hold this position will be tasked ensuring that with the algorithms at the heart of AI are fair, legal and representative of the values of organizations.

Cyber Calamity Forecaster: These workers can monitor, detect and predict cyber threats and their impacts, which have increased in recent years.

Flying Car Developer: Auto/ aerospace engineers will be actualizing the long-held dream of making flying cars a reality!

Chief Purpose Planner: These workers have quite a task. Chief Purpose Planners will help their clients define and articulate their contribution to society and their purpose for both customers and prospective employees.

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