5 Habits that give you a bad reputation at the office

5 Habits that give you a bad reputation at the office

Your reputation precedes you. Truer words cannot be said especially in the business world. Our habits (good or bad) are part and parcel of our personality. Having bad habits however can become problematic when it conflicts with your work environment and starts to rub people up the wrong way. Your bad habits can eventually have dire consequences for your office reputation.

And before you say “well, I don’t go to work to make friends”, consider this: Your colleagues will move to other companies and / or get promoted at these companies. Mark my words, they will cross your path again in the professional world where you will either be their client or they your client. Maintaining a good reputation is of utmost importance if you would like people to continue doing business with you.

Do you have a bad habits at the office? If you recognise any of the below habits as your own, then it’s time to consider a bad habit overhaul today

Do you have any of these bad habits?

Bad habit 1: Doing the absolute minimum

Fulfilling only the minimum requirements of any task impacts your quality of work. If you’re spread thinly without the capacity to give the task 100% then have the courage to refuse the task or offer a more realistic deadline. You owe it to yourself and to others to make your best effort.

You are the Specialist at your job. YOU were appointed as the Specialist to complete that task. If you do not love your job then find ways to love it (or consider a applying for a new job in Africa).

Bad habit 2: Playing the blame game (Finger-pointing)

You cannot gain anything from finger pointing in a professional environment. We all make mistakes and we actually learn quite a bit when we are involved in the mistake or close to the person making the mistake.

When something goes wrong it is best to work together to find a solution. Unless you have a serial offender to the same issue; perhaps then it’s time to have a private talk with them about how to help them avoid making the same mistakes.

Bad habit 3: You’re set in your ways

With the onset of globalisation and businesses being more culturally diverse, dynamic and ever-changing, we too, to move with the times.

Bad habit 4: Avoiding Accountability

This goes hand in hand with bad habit 1 above. It’s a great sign of maturity to be able to admit your mistakes, as we do when we take credit for our achievements. Taking responsibility will also be humbling to yourself and serves as a reminder to (hopefully) not repeat that mistake again.

Bad habit 5: Hating on Successful People

There are many reasons why one person is more successful than the next. Being envious of successful or thinking that successful people are “lucky” to be where they are shows more about yourself than the person you’re talking about.

Successful people are generally hard working and do not have of the above bad habits.

Instead of hating of successful people rather look at how you can improve your own skills set to be considered successful yourself.

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Did I miss anything? What other habits do you think are reputation killers?

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