Afreximbank Jobs 2017: Just approved!

Afreximbank Jobs 2017 – Apply via CA Global Finance

Jobs 2017 has just been approved by the, Afreximbank. CA Global Finance has been retained by the, Afreximbank to recruit for a few new position jobs. These jobs will be positioned in Cairo, the Ivory Coast, and Nigeria. Should you meet the minimum requirements and wish to apply for the position please apply directly to CA Global Headhunters.

Afreximbank Jobs in Cairo

Afreximbank Jobs in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Afreximbank Jobs in Abuja, Nigeria

How to apply for Afreximbank jobs:

  1. Click on the position title above for the role you are interested in. The link will take you to a detailed job spec on our websites where you will be able to apply directly. Alternatively you may visit our websites directly: / /
  2. Ensure that your CV is detailed and updated
  3. Click “Apply Now” d register your CV for the relevant job.
  4. If you have any difficulty applying online, listed below are the relevant contacts to get in touch with.

To see a few of the jobs that ,CA Global Finance has assisted the Afreximbank with filling click the below articles:v

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