Afreximbank jobs in Cairo, Nairobi and Harare

Afreximbank jobs in Cairo, Nairobi and Harare

Did you miss the deadline to apply for Afreximbank jobs? Not to worry, a new round of recruitment at the bank has opened. We have received confirmation to recruit 37 new jobs! (Scroll down for the full jobs list)

About Afreximbank

CA Global Finance has been retained to recruit exclusively for the bank, so our specialised banking recruiters will be on the lookout for only the best in Africa, shortly!

About CA Global Finance

CA Global Finance is a pan-African recruitment firm specialising in recruiting professionals for the banking sector.

What does it mean to be retained?

Retained recruitment is a service that we offer to clients, where a team of our headhunters is assigned to prioritise the client’s recruitment project. We pride ourselves in our ability to handle these types of recruitment assignments with strict confidentiality, if the client requires this. The recruitment project is prioritised, competitors are mapped out, and targeted advertising is rolled out. To read a bit more about our Retained Recruitment view CA Global Corporate Brochure.

Afreximbank jobs – Apply via CA Global Finance

,Thania’s Jobs,

  1. Senior Manager, Strategy & Innovation (Commercialisation and Market Solutions) – Cairo, Egypt
  2. Manager, Intra African Trade Initiative (Trade & Corporate Finance) – Cairo, Egypt
  3. Manager, Export Development (Export Development Finance) – Cairo, Egypt
  4. Manager, Advisory & Capital Markets (Capital Markets) – Cairo, Egypt
  5. Assistant Manager, Projects & Initiatives Management – Cairo, Egypt

To email Thania: tjaffer[at]caglobalint[dot]com

Robin’s Jobs

  1. Manager, Communications & Events (Event Management) – Cairo, Egypt
  2. Manager, Guarantees & Specialised Finance (Guarantees) – Cairo, Egypt
  3. Manager, Trade Finance (Sovereigns, FIs & Corporates – Trade Sales) – Cairo, Egypt
  4. Manager, Trade Finance (Supply Chain Finance) – Cairo, Egypt
  5. Manager, Trade Finance (East Africa) – Nairobi, Kenya
  6. Assistant Manager, Credit Quality Assurance (Monitoring & Evaluation – East, Central & Southern Africa) – Cairo, Egypt

To email Robin: robotha[at]caglobalint[dot]com

,Lizette’s Jobs

  1. Senior Manager, Intra African Trade Initiative (Intra-African Trade Fair & Exhibitions) – Cairo, Egypt
  2. Senior Manager, Risk Management (Specialized Engineering Risk) – Cairo, Egypt
  3. Manager, Client Relations (East Africa) – Nairobi, Kenya
  4. Manager, Client Relations (Southern Africa) – Harare, Zimbabwe
  5. Manager, Credit (Financial Institutions and Sovereigns) – Cairo, Egypt
  6. Manager, Banking Operations (Business Support) – Cairo, Egypt
  7. Manager, Banking Operations (Payment Services) – Cairo, Egypt
  8. Manager, Research, International Cooperation – Cairo, Egypt

To email Lizette: lpienaar[at]caglobalint[dot]com

,Michelle’s Jobs

  1. Manager, Board Secretariat – Cairo, Egypt
  2. Assistant Manager, (Board Secretariat) – Cairo, Egypt
  3. Manager, Internal Audit (IT & Information Security Audit) – Cairo, Egypt

To email Michelle: mmuir[at]caglobalint[dot]com

,Martine’s Jobs

  1. Manager, Legal (Financial Institutions & Sovereigns) – Cairo, Egypt
  2. Manager, Legal (Structured Trade Finance & Corporates) – Cairo, Egypt
  3. Manager, Legal (Quality Control) – Cairo, Egypt
  4. Manager, Legal (Asset Based, Project & Export Development Finance) – Cairo, Egypt
  5. Manager, Legal – Banking & Finance – (Francophone) – Cairo, Egypt
  6. Manager, Legal – Banking & Finance – (Anglophone) -Cairo, Egypt
  7. Manager, Legal – Loan Remediation & Recovery – (Francophone) – Cairo, Egypt

To email Martine: mralfe[at]caglobalint[dot]com

,Lise K’s Jobs

  1. Manager, Treasury & Markets (Africa Resource Mobilisation) – Cairo, Egypt
  2. Manager, Project & Asset Based Finance (Asset Based Finance) – Cairo, Egypt
  3. Manager, Project & Asset Based Finance (Extractives) – Cairo, Egypt
  4. Assistant Manager, Operational Risk (IRM, BCM & Model Risk) – Cairo, Egypt
  5. Assistant Manager, Operational Risk (Core, Fraud and E&S) – Cairo, Egypt

To email Lisa K: lkotze[at]caglobalint[dot]com

Lisa S’s Jobs

  1. Assistant Manager, Human Resources (HR Operations) – Cairo, Egypt
  2. Associate, Innovation (JPP) – Cairo, Egypt
  3. Associate, Intra-Africa Trade Initiative (JPP) – Cairo, Egypt

To email Lisa S: lstroud[at]caglobalint[dot]com

How to apply for Afreximbank jobs

  1. Click on the position title above for the role you are interested in.
  2. Ensure that your CV is detailed and updated.
  3. If you have any difficulty applying online, then get on touch with the relevant Consultant via email.

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