Africa HR Angola opens office in conjunction with CA Global Headhunters

Africa HR Angola opens office in conjunction with CA Global Headunters

Great news! Africa HR Angola opens office in conjunction with CA Global Headhunters; in Luanda, Angola.

Africa HR Angola, will work in conjunction with ,CA Global Headunters and Africa HR Solutions (a Mauritian-based payroll solution company that provides companies with payroll solutions for all employees across the African continent), to focus attention on recruitment and payroll projects within the Angolan market.

CA Global Headhunters is an Africa-focused Recruitment firm that assists companies that have Africa operations to recruit high-caliber staff for their companies.

Why open an office in Angola?

The move to open an office in Angola is to support our ever-expanding client-base without offices in Africa, as well as a support for our existing payroll base in Mauritius. Further to that, Africa HR Angola will add to our recruitment services for expats and locals, as well as improve the quality of the existing and potential networks between candidates who are looking for work as well as with companies who are looking for staff in Angola.

CA Global Headhunters’ Africa Reach

CA Global Headhunters has its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa, with branches in the following countries:

  1. Mauritius
  2. China
  3. France
  4. Registered Office in Mozambique

CA Global Headhunters does quite a lot of business with companies in Angola and with companies expanding to Angola, so it made sense that CA Global Headhunters set up an office base that allows the staff to be more accessible in country.

What will Africa HR Angola offer?

Africa HR Angola will form part of the CA Global Group. In conjunction with CA Global Headhunters and through the ,Africa HR Solutions, it will offer the following services:

  1. Recruitment services (Contractors and permanent staff)
  2. In-country payroll and HR solutions for companies
  3. Expat Payroll Immigration Solutions
  4. “On-boarding” Solutions

Africa HR Angola has been set up, managed and staffed by Eugenio Maggi, the Country Director.

If you are expanding your office to Angola or if you have an office based in Angola and are looking for locals, then get in touch with Eugenio Maggi for a confidential discussion.

Connect with Eugenio Maggi on LinkedIn: HERE

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