Africa is Moving Forward

Africa is Moving Forward

Africa is Moving Forward

Economic descriptions of poverty remain to dominate development both in theory and practice, across Africa. Causes of African poverty are in no way humble matter s to understand as it is complex and a reality that is has been going on forever. Just as there are many meanings of poverty across Africa, there have also been frequent contrasting interpretations of its origins and ways in which it can be eradicated.

Africa is Moving Forward

Enhancing economic growth across Africa seems to be of interest to many first world countries. The causes of poverty are seen mainly as being economic, and capable of elimination through the creation of financial development aid. There is a massive and widespread emphasis among donors who attempt in assisting Africa on the need for changes to governance structures in Africa.

Even though African poverty and inactivity have been the greatest tragedy for the continent in the past, there is immense growth and prosperity currently within Africa that is enticing the entire world, especially the first world, and powerful countries. Specifically, the most international development policies relating to Africa are indirectly highly critical of existing structures and institutions across the continent and seek to substitute them by those that have been successful developments in their own richer countries of the world. Because of this, there is the pressure to enforce generous democracy and macro-economic policy approaches designed to promote growth and employment.

The truth concerning the vast amounts of economic resources that can be found across Africa is certainly seeing a rise in employment and in turn a decrease of poverty all over and around Africa. So how valuable is Africa? Africa already produces great amounts of some of the world’s most vital and needed minerals.

  1. Diamonds – 52.7%
  2. Sulphur – 48.9%
  3. Manganese – 32.4%
  4. Phosphate – 28.5%

Africa in terms of employment has so much to offer merely because of the low levels of exploration. People with specialized skills from vast and remote areas around the world are welcomed by Africa to help share their skills in the aid of the continent.  There is massive potential for production increases implying more skills needed and in turn, more skills utilized. Because Africa needs people who are experienced with highly specialized skills, if you are a professional or training to be a professional within the mineral resource industries then Africa should definitely be a place you look into…and perhaps a place you can call home.

The test is to turn this potential into reality. It is extremely vital for Africa’s leaders to ensure that the ‘profits’ of this richness are advanced suitably for people of Africa, and to also ensure that they are able to fight the downward pressures on financial trade as well as rates applied by the world’s major trading states and first world countries.


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Africa is Moving Forward
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