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The ,Africa Job Board was created 6 years ago, to interact and engage with Africa in a way that is a bit more personalised. It started as an Africa Jobs Portal only and slowly grew to include a few entertaining social media websites.

Africa Job Board - Jobs for Africa

Africa Job Board – Jobs for Africa

Today, the Africa Job Board is not only the place you come to search for jobs in Africa, but also to read the latest news in Africa (whether it be Africa Oil & Gas, Africa Mining, Africa Engineering or Africa Finance & Banking);  Interviews with Accountants, Miners, Engineers, HSE Officers, etc.; as well as read about humour and inspirational posts to pick your mood up.

Career Opportunities in Africa are booming as the rest of the world is investing in African countries more rapidly than ever before. Our objective is to share fascinating and beneficial information on African culture, employment opportunities in Africa, social developments and new innovations.

We want to bridge the world with captivating opportunities all around Africa, revealing the true beauty of the continent. This interactive platform is 2-way platform, where we discuss and engage with each other and more importantly, we share!

By interacting and being part of Job Africa Board, you are not only exposed to endless job opportunities, but also contributing to some of the questions that fellow Africans may have.

This is your invitation to come join us, from all around Africa, and the world, to express your opinions, thoughts, articles, feelings and attitudes, all pertaining to our colourful and ever growing continent, Africa!

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