Africa Jobs: FAQ Series – Why CA Global focuses on Africa

The FAQ’s Series: Why does CA Global focus on Jobs in Africa?

I often get asked many questions around why my company ,(CA Global) has a specific interest in Africa Recruitment. What is so special about Africa that would make CA Global focus the company’s strategies and development plans towards everything around Africa?

I know that so many of you have these questions in mind, and many of you do ask me these same questions all the time. Make no mistake, I do not mind the questions; in fact, I encourage them. But let’s face it; it would make life so much easier to have all your questions answered, up front, wouldn’t it?

With that said, I’ll be publishing a collection of questions (FAQ’s) that many candidates, clients and interested parties have asked me, and I will be providing answers to them here.

Questions / FAQ pertaining to the CA Global’s business in Africa!

Why does CA Global focus on Africa, as opposed to, say, Europe or the Americas?

It all started with a vision that the CA Global Group CEO, Bradley Barr, had.  In the years leading up to the birth of CA Global whilst working as a Recruiter in Europe, he noticed a trend in the investment markets. Multinational corporations were investing heavily into Asia, with particular interest in China; whilst China was actually investing in Africa.

After the financial collapse, Europe, Asia and the USA also looked to diversify their investments across Africa. This resulted in significant number of company start-ups to form which in turn, increased the demand for staff to be appointed… and of course, the demand of services for Headhunting and Recruiting in Africa started.

With foreign investment into Africa increasing rapidly, it is vital to be able to understand the diverse needs of companies in Africa. Africa consists of many countries, each a culture-rich nation, within which contains diverse legislature requirements for doing business, diverse language requirements, diverse organizational culture and diverse salary expectations.

Besides their experience, to be able to look after the recruitment needs of cross-border nations, the staff at CA Global all have one critical trait… an Africa passion!

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