Africa minerals need more exploitation | Hylee Choto CA (SA)

We speak to a Hylee Choto – a qualified Chartered Accountant working in the Finance sector and who is studying an MBA. 

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Jobs in Africa are highly sought after. Every ambitious, forward-thinking professional has their eye on gaining Africa exposure. Why is that, you ask? Well, if you didn’t know, companies are expanding to Africa, growing their Africa footprint and operating cross-border, multinational organisations and they need individuals with the capabilities and diverse-cultural tolerance to handle the multicultural and multilingual environment

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demanded from a cross-border organisation.

The candidates who are in CA Global’s and my are highly educated professionals from all over Africa, including Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Egypt and many other countries as well as remote Africa. These are the kind of skilled candidates that companies look to appoint in their organisations, when opening a branch in Africa.

Hylee Choto CA (SA) – Hard at work

One such person in my network in Africa, is Hylee Choto, a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, working in the financial service sector, currently studying an MBA…AND who is just as passionate about Africa as we are!


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Hylee has about 10 years overall experience and his career spans over working in a range of industries in Africa, including financial services, mining, manufacturing and telecommunications. We speak

to him about the African economy and we gain some insight from him about the Africa Finance Markets and why he chose to go into the field of Finance. We also find out from his how it is to work and study concurrently and the challenges he faces as a Chartered Accountant in the Africa market.

I interviewed Hylee Choto to find out a little bit more about the kind of skills a Chartered Accountant would need to equip themselves with, in order to be a success in Africa and he was very forthcoming. We discuss his career in detail, gives advice for those who would like to enter the Finance profession in Africa and also discusses investment hot spots in Africa! You don’t want to miss this valuable insight.

Hylee Choto’s view on Africa…

I am a Son of Africa. I believe in its uniqueness to other continents. Africa has vast deposits of mineral resources which haven’t been exploited…

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If you are thinking about working as a Chartered Accountant and would like to know what kind of salary you can expect, then have a look at my interview with Hylee Choto.

I will be publishing it on our Africa Job Board later today…

Remember, our Africa Job Board is dedicated to the life of people looking for Jobs in Africa. This is the platform where share your stories and show everyone in Africa how hard working you are!

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Africa Job Board – Jobs for Africa

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