Africa’s Opportunity … To Greatness

Ecommerce is growing in Africa. The extinction of traditional barriers to entry, including internet access, cost of technology and access to mobility, implies that eCommerce has become a reality for any sized procedure.

An indicator of African cultural richness is the linguistic diversity to be found within the continent. ‘As you all know, Africa is home to more than 2000 languages and dialects. This establishes more than a third of the languages spoken in the world and is a sheer witness of African richness in linguistic and cultural diversity. However, many of Africa’s indigenous languages are disappearing or on the verge of disappearance.  This correctly highlights the rich vitality of contemporary African design, music, dance, literature, and theatre.

The richness of Africa’s mineral wealth and soils has been highlighted, however; Africa’s fruitfulness can also be seen more largely in terms of its biodiversity, the beauty of its landscapes, its wildlife, and the possibilities for tourism that these other dimensions of the continent’s ‘natural’ environment enable.


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