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So, what is Agricultural Biotechnology?
“Biotechnology is any technique that uses living organisms or substances from these organisms to make or modify a product for a practical purpose.”(,quoted from)

Biotechnology can be applied to all  organism types including viruses, bacteria, plants and animals. Today the practice of biotechnology is becoming a popular feature of modern medicine, agriculture as well as industry. Agricultural biotechnology includes a range of tools that scientists employ to understand and manipulate the genetic make-up of organisms for use in the production or processing of agricultural products.

Biotechnology is used today as a tool to challenge and understand problems in all areas of agricultural production and processing. Such problems include plant breeding to raise and stabilize yields; to improve resistance to pests, diseases and abiotic stresses such as drought and cold; and to enhance the nutritional content of foods. Biotechnology is being used to develop low-cost disease-free planting materials for crops such as cassava, banana and potato and is creating new tools for the diagnosis and treatment of plant and animal diseases and for the measurement and conservation of genetic resources.

Biotechnology is being used to speed up breeding programmes for plants, livestock and fish and to extend the range of traits that can be addressed. Animal feeds and feeding practices are being changed by biotechnology to develop animal nutrition and to decrease environmental waste. Additionally Biotechnology is used in disease diagnostics and for the production of vaccines against animal diseases.



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