CA Engineering; The Preferred Recruitment in Africa Solution Partner

CA Engineering; The Preferred Recruitment in Africa Solution Partner

,CA Engineering is a division of CA Global Headhunters. CA engineering has extensive experience recruiting across Africa in a number of industry sectors to include, power generation, industrial, oil and gas, mining, EPC / EPCM civil infrastructure and building infrastructure. In partnering with our subsidiary CA Global Europe our recruitment reach encompasses also Lusophone (Portuguese) and Francophone (French) Africa, ensuring service satisfaction of the highest standard for our locally and internationally based clients. CA Engineering offers Executive Search, Retained Headhunting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Contingency, Permanent and Contract / Payroll services.

Vision and Mission Statement

To be the preferred international recruitment solution partner offering our clients and candidates the best products, tools and services, through the leverage of our networks, market knowledge and cultural diversity.

Executive Search in Africa

CA Engineering’s approach to talent sourcing has proven successful across all projects spanning the African continent. CA Engineering directly approaches each researched candidate in confidence in order to discuss their interest and qualifications relating to specific positions. CA Engineering is dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of quality and integrity in our search methodologies. Through collaboration with our clients, we ensure that the candidates sourced are of the highest quality, as our clients expect. The CA Engineering Executive Search team provides exceptional value due to an in-depth understanding of the Africa cultural fit, and operational and cultural gaps experienced across the African continent. Companies based in Africa, or globally with subsidiaries in Africa, benefit significantly from CA Engineering’s comprehensive search structure.

CA Engineering; The Preferred Recruitment in Africa Solution Partner

Retained Headhunting Services in Africa

The CA Engineering recruitment team is committed to offer you an unparalleled level of service in identifying the best possible candidates in Africa. Our proven track record, professionalism and the commercial incentives we offer make us your low-risk option. CA Engineering has an understanding that the best candidates must have the correct capabilities, knowledge and aptitude to be successful In Africa. Our headhunting model and recruitment process offers our clients a unique advantage in finding the best candidates for projects in Africa.

CA Engineering’s search process is performed on a dedicated basis for each unique assignment, adding significant value to our clients. We understand the cultural and operational difficulties experienced daily on the African continent, and this gives us the insight to be able to source qualified and experienced candidates who we know will be up to the task at hand. CA Engineering has a successful track record of consistently delivering local, multicultural and / or multilingual candidates to our clients.

Contingency Permanent Placements in Africa

CA Engineering places expats and locals on assignments throughout Africa, and has widespread experience in conducting contingency searches for difficult positions throughout Africa.

CA Engineering provides a comprehensive search of our internal database and a thorough search of the online CV databases to which we subscribe. This, in combination with our successful candidate referral structure, ensures our delivery success. After suitable candidates have been identified, the CA Engineering team conducts an in-depth face-to-face, telephonic or video Skype interview with the identified candidates.

CA Engineering; The Preferred Recruitment in Africa Solution Partner

Contract Payroll Packages in Africa

CA Engineering offers payroll solutions for Expatriates and Contractors in Africa. CA Engineering can offer the following additional payroll solutions in Africa with regards to: Tax compliance, Medical Cover, Evacuation Cover and Liability Insurance.

Outsourcing contractor payroll provides companies with a cost effective, highly efficient and tailored solution. Organisations may require the use of a third parties in-country presence to aid their own development. This provides the organisation with a facility to ensure all immigration compliance and payroll matters are done, allowing a business to develop with peace of mind that the contractor representing your company is fully compliant.Expat Africa Payroll is able to employ and second contractors for your company’s needs in over 35 African countries. We are able to manage the immigration formalities of the client and payroll the client each month to ensure all statutory taxes are paid to the local authorities. This namely includes:

• Immigration (Sponsorship, business visa and Work permit)

• Local Payroll, 100% tax compliance

• Contractor and employment solutions

• Offshore payroll and Offshore payments

• Medical and repatriation insurance

• Death and Disability insurance

• Local services (Meet and Greet)

We are the complete African payroll solution for any organisation operating in Africa. Serving multinationals across all industries we are able to ensure that your African operation is done so with the same compliance and professional service as on any other continent.

CA Engineering; The Preferred Recruitment in Africa Solution Partner

Africa Recruitment Process Outsourcing

CA Global has identified that Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is gaining momentum in Africa. With our vast experience in the provision of services such as executive search, contingency recruitment and contracting / payroll management, CA Global is in a strong position to offer RPO services to Mining, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Construction and Manufacturing organizations, across the African continent.

RPO services offered by CA Engineering:

• Management of our clients’ recruitment programs

• Provision of consultancy services through talent mapping and succession planning

• Payroll services for expatriate placements and management of the on boarding process

The benefits of RPO to our clients:

• Cost Reduction

• Stability of staff headcount

• Accountability, through clearly defined service level agreements

CA Engineering; The Preferred Recruitment in Africa Solution Partner
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