CA Global Dragon Boat Race Team: Contributing to the fight against Cancer one boat race at a time.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” –Albert Pike (1809 – 1891)

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What a great privilege it was for CA Global to be part of the 7th Annual Dragon Boat  Regatta on Saturday, 12 October 2013 at the Imperial Yacht Club at Zandvlei Sports Club hosted by The Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope.

It was a day filled with fun, adventure, hope, extreme weather conditions, team work, great supporters and a heart-warming cause;  contributing in the fight against cancer.

With a team of eager recruiter, we were ready to take on our rowing day with a mere 2 practices session behind us, hopeful that to make our mark.

The regatta involved each of the teams competing in three heats to determine their overall standings for the day. After a slow start in our first race, we quickly gained momentum in our next two heats to improve our time with 20 seconds. With great joy CA Global ranked 4th out of 32 teams. Yippppppeeee!

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What an amazing experience. It was the first year that we entered the Dragon Boat Regatta and it will definitely not be our last. We can’t wait for next year.

Below some comments from everyone who participated & supported on the day:

It was a fun. I’ve never done dragon boat racing but I paddled like a pro. – Franklin Okkers (Oil & Gas Specialist Recruitment Consultant)

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CA Global got a team of 10 together to participate in the races at the Annual Dragon Boat Regatta. I wasn’t part of the actual race but was a PROUD supporter. The CA Global team really gave it their all and demonstrated amazing teamwork. We all had great fun as we huddled under the gazebo during the storms; and screamed and cheered as the sun came out.

It was a day filled with happiness; great team spirit; and most importantly, raising funds for cancer related organisations. We came 4th out of 32 teams – Well done CA GLOBAL! I will definitely be participating in the race next year. Let the training begin –Thania Jaffer (Banking & Insurance Specialist Recruitment Consultant)

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Being part of the CA Global team for the Dragon Boat Racing event was a fantastic experience. Not only did the team have unmatched levels of energy and enthusiasm, but the team spirit was ten times higher than the Eiffel Tower. Reaching the position we finished at in the competition took lots of hard work and determination, but knowing that it was for a really good cause made the efforts all worth it. Ish Johaardien (Engineering & Construction Specialist Recruitment Consultant)

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The Dragon Boat racing was great as we all attended practice sessions before hand.  I  found that we built great team spirit and an absolute fun day even though it was raining!  I think the highlight for me was that we didn’t do too great in our first race and then in our second race we all came together to give our opponents a hiding which saw us cross almost an entire boat length across the finish line.

We then did the same in our second race!  I am proud of everyone that took part and gave it their all!  Well done Team CA Global!   Eugenio Maggi  (Division Director CA Global Oil & Gas)

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The dragon boat race was a lot of fun, a great example of teamwork! With a rocky start of 1.40 min, the ten of us pulled together in the second round, becoming an unbeatable force to be reckoned with. I think our time reduction to 1.21, when compared with the record time of 1.18 says it all…. Go Team Global! Ashleigh Hurwitz (Mining Specialist Recruitment Consultant)

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It was an absolutely Awesome experience & adrenalin rush when competing out on the water against our competitors. They way in which we bonded and worked together as a team showed ‘The Competitors’ how ‘The Underdogs’ can never be overlooked.

Considering we only had two training sessions and had to compete in the worst weather conditions that one could describe, it was a great success and a phenomenal achievement by CA Global, managing to finish 4th out of 32 Teams. David Raby (Senior Oil & Gas Specialist Recruitment Consultant)

The Dragon Boat Racing was an awesome experience. It was a really fun day and  for a great cause. The CA Global team performed like Dragon Boat Veterans but in fact it was a 1st time experience for most including myself. I would be more than happy to partake next year and contribute to CA Global taking the title! Zade-Leo Stafford (Oil & Gas Specialist Recruitment Consultant)

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Rain, sun, rain sun, thank goodness for the Gazebo! Great atmosphere with everyone braaing, the smell of boerewors rolls… yummm! Teams all had great spirit! Well done CA Global!! Nicky da Silva (Senior Mining Specialist Recruitment Consultant)

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I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was very well organised and run and there was great team spirit among all the companies and competitors.  It was for a great cause and overall a great way to spend the day. Highly recommended and looking forward to next year. – Bryan le Roux (Senior Finance Recruitment Consultant)

Overall a great experience, great group of people and a great cause.  The best time I have had in a while, I will definitely be back. – Kai Graça (Senior Finance Recruitment Consultant)

It was an opportunity to work together as a cohesive team while having fun for a noble cause. – Grant Geraghty (Senior Oil & Gas Specialist Recruitment Consultant)

CA Global Dragon Boat Race Team 2013

CA Global Dragon Boat Race Team 2013


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