CA Global expands all the way to China, meet our Managing Director for CA Global Asia

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How long have you been working for the CA Global Group?

I have been working with the CA Global group for just over 2 years where I have been learning about the different departments and sectors that we essentially function within. I am now implementing CA Global ethos into the Chinese market.

What motivated you to get into recruitment?

Going right back the beginning of my studies, my main interest was Human Resources and Industrial Psychology. This gave me the foundation to get into recruitment which forms the the most significant aspects Human Resources and Industrial Psychology and was the main influence to get into this field.

I’ve graduated with 3 degree:

  1. Degree in Human Resources
  2. Honours in Industrial Psychology
  3. Masters in Industrial Psychology

Being in this line of work, it has become very important for me to help people whether it is colleagues, candidate or clients. Recruitment is a niche market and naturally this industry compliments my personality and personal interest.

After you completed your studies, what was your first job?

My first job was selling jewellery.

What is your current job title?

I am the Managing Director for CA Global Asia.

I first entered the company as an intern for the Asia market in Africa where I discovered a niche within recruitment for Chinese companies in Africa. After 3 months this developed into a contract role with the job title: Chinese / Africa Relations Recruitment Consultant.

For people out there who enter the recruitment sector, how much can they expect to earn at entry / trainee level?

R5000 RNB

How much can a recruitment consultant expect to earn after working in the industry for 10 years?

R 70 000 monthly + commission + company share.


What are the challenges you face within your line of work?

Well as an intern when I first entered the industry I was very uncertain about the way in which recruitment operated, especially with the Chinese clients. I often asked myself “are Chinese clients even making use of recruitment services?”

Chinese culture is totally different to the African culture and because of this I’ve had to adapt to every single client.

Then there are the challenges concerned with logistics and examples of these complications include:

  1. Working permits
  2. Industry rules and regulations
  3. Country-specific laws

What operations are you currently undergoing in China?

CA Global Headhunters is expanding all the way to China; an office is opening up with the objective to have a team of roughly 20 within the next 3 years.

What exactly does the China office service?

Our China office will be functional within the Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy and Investment Finance Industries comprising of the following services:

  1. Contingency Recruitment
  2. Retained Recruitment
  3. Recruitment Consultation

Where is the new office in China situated?

Our latest China office is in Chongqing – the biggest yet youngest municipality across China. This is the leading city in the entire West side of China. For me personally, I love the abundance of food variety and my favourite food to eat would be the traditional meal called Hot Pot.

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