CA Global provides job seekers with some searching advice

The job market is a zoo out there and only becoming more and more competitive. Yes,  there is a substantial amount of jobs being promoted, but there are vast amounts of people applying for them. This article aims to provide you with some bullet proof tips while you ride the journey of job hunting.

First and foremost, it is not such a good idea to make money the most important factor when searching for a job. Instead, you should weigh salary statistics against a position’s responsibility, location, working conditions, and growth opportunities.  These can somewhat act as incentives, making them vital aspects to consider in your job hunt.  You might be prepared to take a pay cut to attain one of these various factors. For all the job seekers out there who aren’t at least considering this, you are going through life searching for the most ideal salary while not being 100% happy within your working environment.

Try to delay talk concerning salary, vacation time or health benefits until it’s evident they want you. Once the potential employer gets to know you on a better note, it’s possible that they might decide to bump you up and offer you an improved salary.

Another vital component stresses the importance of keeping a diary. Weekly submission of what you have accomplished at your current job will make it easier to chat about your role in detail when applying for a new one.

Always avoid the question “with all we’ve discussed, can you offer me this job?” This will make you seem pushy, cheeky and impatient. This will also rank you last on the candidate list.

Questions to ask yourself BEFORE you submit your CV:

  • Is your resume diverse or is it all about you?  – It must not just be about you, you, you.
  • Is your CV is generic? No employee wants to read a novel, no matter how impressive you feel your CV is.
  • Is your CV too long? (or too short)
  • Does your CV lack focus?


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