CA Global sponsors a micro start up business in South Africa

Need a car clean? Want your office building to shine a bit more? Thinking of cleaning up your school premises or nursing facility? T Mafuza is here to assist you with the best cleaning services.

Thabo Mafuza

Thabo Mafuza. Image: CA Global


CA Global Headhunters has taken on the opportunity of assisting Mr Thabo Mafuza with his dream to run his own cleaning service business, based in Cape Town, South Africa. The official start-up of his business has been launched and is up and running. CA Global Managing Director, Bradley Barr will ensure success by equipping Mr T Mafuza with training, business development and is currently assisting him in establishing a core client base.

Mr T Mafuza saw the need and the opportunity for a cleaning service that would provide reliable, consistent and quality services to commercial buildings including office buildings, medical facilities, schools, nursing homes and even apartments.  T Mafuza Cleaning Services was established in 2013 as a privately-owned mobile cleaning services company with the resources to make a long-term commitment to client service.

The company is managed and staffed by cleaning industry veterans with substantial experience in commercial and office cleaning and maintenance services for variety types of facilities and industries.  T Mafuza Cleaning Services stay abreast of changes in the commercial cleaning industry, ensuring our customers continue to receive the highest quality service. T Mafuza cleaning services are as follows:



Daily Cleaning

This service type includes interior and floor cleaning, washroom services, dust control, collection and deployment of mats and lastly, vacuum cleaning.

Periodical Cleaning

Periodical cleaning involves carpet cleaning, maintenance of floor, window cleaning, road sweeping, grounds cleaning as well as pavement and sidewalk management.

Special Cleaning

This service type entails fixtures, duct cleaning, height cleaning, telephone & computer, laundry services and facade cleaning.

Segment Cleaning

Segment cleaning comprises of office cleaning, health care cleaning, industrial cleaning, food hygiene cleaning, clean-room cleaning and lastly retail cleaning.

T Mafuza Cleaning Services


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