CA Global talks about employer branding videos as a way to stand out

Employer branding videos deliver the opportunity for an outstanding and unique way for anyone to gain a feel for what it is like to work in a precise corporation; this is a new trend that companies strive to execute very well.  Examples here would be to offer a glimpse into life at the company at hand through information about company culture, the business lines of operation in and first-hand accounts by employees. When aiming to achieve this, it is important to not be frightened to reveal real-life stories weather they are informal, entertaining and/ or funny videos. Such stylized videos actually fascinate audiences.  Producing video’s like this were once expensive, yet now they are the opposite. The fact that videos are becoming more and more popular with the access to portable recording equipment implies 2 main things:

Firstly, more people have the capability to produce videos now and secondly, there seems to be more ‘on the fly’ videos as well. Don’t think that this is a bad thing as the impulsive and realistic feel to such kind of videos carry out a far more honest assessment of what it may be like to work at a particular business. It is almost a guarantee that this would vibrate with audiences way more than a polished, studied, and perhaps glamorized, portrayal aka traditional and boring videos.

In terms of impactful videos, there is a well-known Google recruitment video that was directed at female engineers. The video was released 5 years ago and so many groups of people feel that it signifies one of the best examples of recruiting videos online.

Broadband has been an incredible contributor to easier access to videos. Other helpers for easier access are Flash and websites which utilize videos such as YouTube and Google Video have brought video into the mainstream. In an environment where more and more business websites seek to remain very much like each other, the use of such videos can really make an establishment stand out.

Video at the end of the day remains a tool. How video is utilized, the quality of the shoot, the material and the authenticity of the message ALL have a greater influence on how well the client or candidate is perceived. Simply put,  using video to get your message across is only the first of many critical steps to successful recruitment.


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