CA Global thrashes through to the Dragon Boat Racing Finals

CA Global thrashes through to the Dragon Boat Racing Finals

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CA Global_9th annual Africa Dragon Boat Regatta (16)

Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.

This quote epitomises the reality around how to succeed when rowing.

This past Saturday (3rd October 2015) was the 9th annual Dragon Boat Regatta hosted by the ,Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope. The day started off with all rowers to be present at Zandvlei Yaucht Club in Muizenberg by 8:30am. The bleak weather wasn’t doing much for team morale as despite the forecast having predicted favourable, sunny weather, we were greeted with cold, wet and very windy conditions.

,CA Global had a gazebo set up at the edge of the reservoir with a beautiful view, which seemed to have made the team forget about the harsh weather conditions.

CA Global_9th annual Africa Dragon Boat Regatta (27)

Overall the event was very well-organised by the Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope and CA Global always looks forward to the event. Not only does the event provide a day filled with fun for the entire family and a chance for colleagues to get to know each other (and spouses and families) out of the office, but also provides the chance for us to contribute towards a good cause. The Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope works with a number of community outreach projects and the funds that they raise from the Dragon Boat Regatta will go towards those projects.

How did CA Global fare at the Dragon Boat Regatta?

As you already know, CA Global Recruitment Consultants are very busy people and excess time for training is not something that our diaries allow for. This is why our team only managed to get in 2 practice sessions. You can imagine how much we were drilled in those 2 sessions and how hard we had to push ourselves, to make those 2 training sessions work for our team. Let’s just say that Boot Camp is an understatement!

And guess what…? Our hard work paid off!

CA Global_9th annual Africa Dragon Boat Regatta (52)

The event kicked off with 3 heats over 200m: The 1st heat was an orientation round and the average time for the 2nd and 3rd heats counted towards qualifying for the quarter finals.

After a slow start in our first race, we consistently gained momentum in the subsequent heats. We tried new strategies after each heat and once it came to determining our placement in the quarterfinals, we learned that we actually had the second fastest time out of all the teams. This gave CA Global Dragon Boat team a chance to skip the quarter finals and we gained automatic entry into the finals!!!

The finals was a race made up of very strong competitors which made the race a very close call.

The nail-biting finale consisted of 4 teams and the final placing was:

  1. Fire breathing Rubber Duckies
  2. CA Global
  3. Thunder Down Under
  4. CTICC Aveng Dragons

With great joy CA Global ranked 2nd out of the 16 teams that participated! (It would have have been 20 teams but 4 teams did not make it to the event due to the inclement weather.)

Final Times_CA Global_9th annual Africa Dragon Boat Regatta

Congratulations to Stefanutti Stocks aka “Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies” for taking the 1st place. Looking at the way that they rowed we can see why they took the first place. They were consistent fast rowers and a fearless team!

It goes to show that it is not the quantity but the quality of the training sessions that matter. Not only that but also the team coordination that counts toward making it to the winner’s podium. Given that we didn’t make the winners podium, it means that we have a little more fine tuning to do. We will definitely be back next year with a vengeance!

Thank you to the Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope and the Zandvlei Yach Club for hosting this awesome event! The last we entered into the event, we came 4th and this year we came 2nd…

We can’t wait for next year to see if our improvement continues

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