CA Global to compete in 9th Dragon Boat Regatta in Zandvlei, Muizenberg

CA Global to compete in 9th Dragon Boat Regatta in Zandvlei on 3rd October 2015

 *Kindly note that the venue is Zandvlei and not Zeekoevlei as previously mentioned. 

CA Global Dragon Boat Race Regatta_Muizenberg

Pull up your sleeves, pick up your oars and put your Dragon Boat racing game-face on for the 9th Annual Dragon Boat Regatta hosted by ,The Rotary Club Cape of Good Hope!!!

Cape Town is the Dragon Boat Racing hotspot of South Africa with a very active community of Dragon Boat Racers. This will be my first time competing in the race but based on the feedback from my colleagues who have previously entered for the race, it is lots of fun not to mention an awesome workout.


About Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing is actually a tradition brought to Cape Town from ancient China, after Cape Town was gifted 2 dragon boats from Taiwan.

The key thing to remember when racing a dragon boat is teamwork. It is also a sport that encourages all ages, both sexes and all levels of fitness to participate in. The best part is that “green” paddlers (like myself) can be coached to respectably competitive level, in a very short space of time.

Meet the CA Global Dragon Boat Team 2015

CA Global Dragon Boat Regatta Team
  1. Ansaar Baderoen
  2. Bryan le Roux
  3. David Raby
  4. Diane Raby
  5. Eugenio Maggi
  6. Fowzia Gamiet
  7. Ish Johaardien
  8. Jolene Oliver
  9. Michelle Muir
  10. Monique Steele
  11. Tamlyn Schwartz
  12. Thania Jaffer
  13. Zade-Leo Stafford

It’s our last training session before the main event (on Saturday, 3rd October 2015) will be this afternoon at 4pm at Canal Walk!

We would love your messages of support to us via Twitter. I’ll also be posting pictures and videos to give you an inside view of how our training is coming along. ? ??





Your invitation:

Please come show your support for the CA Global Team!!!

(Bring your entire family)

Address:              Imperial Yacht Club

Promenade Ave – Zandvlei, Muizenberg

Date:                    Saturday 3rd October 2015

Time:                    First race starts at 9:00AM

If you cannot make it to cheer us on in Muizenberg:

We understand that only our readers from Cape Town would be able to join us physically, so I will be publishing in-action pictures and videos from Twitter for our readers across Africa! ⛄

It will be as though you’re right there with us!

Here’s your chance to get an inside view of what goes on in the CA Global training camp.

Please do send your messages of support for the team above, as we can only win with the full support of Africa behind us!!!

Are you an avid Dragon Boat Racer?


Do you have any winning tips to share with us (me)?

We are gunning for first place so any advice would be appreciated!

Final Training Session Tomorrow: Catch us on Twitter for videos and pictures!

Final training session is today (29th September 2015)

Pictures and videos will be posted to ,@AfricaPRFowzi and ,@CAGlobal_Jobs

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