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Short Introduction : Your Mining Africa Recruitment Team

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Today I’ll be giving you a short introduction into the world of the CA Mining Africa Recruitment Team.

This is just a basic run down of the team and a short description of the roles they play and the roles that they recruit for; I’ll be posting another blog soon and we’ll going into more detail on the individuals of CA Mining and what makes them so awesome at what they do.

There are 8 people that currently complete the CA Mining Africa Recruitment team; they are:

  1. Myself (Athena Japhta)
  2. Richard Christer
  3. Leanne Laas
  4. Irene Eleftheriou
  5. Ashleigh Hurwitz
  6. Aabida Davis
  7. Nicky da Silva
  8. Vivienne Gower

Athena Japhta – You know all about me based on my really awesome About Me page (first ever blog post!), but incase you forgot; I am the Administration Manager for CA Mining and I do not recruit for any roles but I do play a part in the recruitment process.

Richard Christer – Just having recently joined CA Mining, Richard has extensive experience in Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM) in the Mining sector. He specialises in recruiting across this sector including roles such as Construction Managers, Project Managers and Package Engineers etc.

Leanne Laas – Leanne has over 5 years experience in the recruitment sector and her speciality is the placing of Artisans, Mining Engineers, CEO’s etc. She works mostly with expatriate contract positions in Africa and abroad.

Irene Eleftheriou – Irene specialises in the Mineral processing, Mining supply chain and has recently taken over the HR discipline aswell. She is well versed in recruiting for Metallurgists, Procurement and logistics professionsals and HR professionals.

Ashleigh Hurwitz – Ashleigh specialises in the geology side of Mining, recruiting for roles such as Mine and Exploration Geologists etc. She also has her hand dipped in the Business Development side of Mining and focuses on client relationship building and management .

Aabida Davis – Aabida just joined CA Mining and has already settled into her role as Environmental Consultant.

,Nicky da Silva, –Nicky takes her work very seriously and specialises in Production and Management/Executive roles.

,Vivienne Gower, –  She has extensive experience in recruiting for the Mining industry in Africa and internationally and now heads up the Mining team as the MD, focusing on client relationship development and management

Keep your eyes glued to my blog for individual posts on The CA Mining Africa Team Recruitment Specialists!


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