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CA Global Headhunters would like to highlight a company in our community that has gained a reputation for quality service. They are also active players in Women and youth empowerment. Vogue Services is a Cape Town-based tracing services Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that offers a wide range of services such as Tracing Services, Customer Contact Services, CIPC Business Services, Security and Environmental Hygiene Services. They have become a trusted name to private, public and corporate clients.

Below are the various tracing services that they offer.

Tracing Solutions that Vogue Services offer


Debtor Tracing

Unpaid debts are a never-ending problem for businesses, big or small. One of the biggest headaches is when a debtor absconds without paying their debt, causing additional stress to you, and affecting your ability to pay your own bills.

In many cases, debtors change their contact information and even their addresses, forcing businesses to write this debt off, causing a huge loss to the company.

Vogue Services has trained staff with extensive networks that are able to assist with finding these absconders. They will provide you with a trace report which includes all their updated contact information as well as employment details, residential address, marriage info, collateral property, or any other information the client may need.

Once the debtor is located, confirmation of their address usually results in the collection of the debt or the opportunity to serve documents to continue the debt collection process.

Beneficiary Tracing

In the instance where pension fund beneficiaries (or other entities) need to be located to facilitate benefits to them, Vogue Services serve as the intermediary between the beneficiary and the benefactor to trace the executor who would handle the benefits as required. The executor could be a spouse, child or relative – Vogue Services can locate any of them.

Using their up-to-date database, as well as their Field Agents, Vogue Services manages the entire process; from finding the beneficiaries and assisting with completing the required documentation, to completing necessary quality checks and submitting the completed documentation to the entity for the processing of payment.


Company Tracing

Sometimes businesses require further investigation into another company, whether it is a company lease of property, a company requesting a loan, or a company proposing to do business with you.

Vogue Services offer business tracing services whereby they confirm the following:

  • If the company is a legal entity
  • Company’s directorship and board members
  • Company’s registration number
  • Company’s contact information (address and contact details)
  • Whether the company is operational or dormant
  • Company’s legal status
  • Company’s credit status
  • Whether the company is liquidated, and the liquidator’s contact details, name, and year


Missing Person Tracing

Through their up-to-date database and Tracing Agents, Vogue Services are able to trace family, business partners, or colleagues whom you have lost contact with after many years.


Employment Tracing

Tracing a debtor’s employer provides vital information that often makes the difference between getting paid and losing the money forever. Vogue Services offer the service of tracing an employed individual who is in most cases, served with a garnishee order. “A garnishee order is a court order that is served by the sheriff (or messenger) of the court on the employer ordering the employer to make deductions from an employee’s salary or wage in settlement of a debt owed by the employee to a third-party creditor“. [Source]

The information required by clients varies but usually, this type of tracing service typically provides the client with the following information:

  • Employment status
  • Employment date
  • Employee number
  • HR contact person
  • Debtor’s occupation
  • Physical address and contact number(s)
  • Gender, etc.


If you require any of the above tracing services at your company, contact Martin Okolo:



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