Cooking up a storm at Giggling Gourmet: CA Global staff function

Cooking up a storm at Giggling Gourmet: CA Global staff function

Our quarterly staff function happened at the ,Giggling Gourmet located at the Cape Quarter in Green Point, Cape Town. CA Global staff was treated to an exciting cooking experience where the menu was themed “Asian food”. On arrival we learnt that we would be eating the food that we would be cooking.

The Cooking Task

Cook an item in the menu (listed below), which the rest of the company will be eating at the end of the cooking session. I must say this was quite daunting, especially for those who have never cooked Asian dishes before! Luckily, we were divided into teams where we could work together to prepare our dish for the rest of the company.

We were each given an apron and the necessary tools and ingredients to cook the dish that we were tasked with cooking.

The Menu

  1. Maki / Nigiri / Salmon Roses (sushi)
  2. Chinese Broth & dumplings
  3. Prawn dim sum deep fried served teriyaki sauce
  4. Steamed Bread
  5. Seaweed Salad
  6. Green Beans in Tempura batter served with teriyaki sauce
  7. Vegetable & noodle stir fry
  8. Chinese crumbed butternut sticks served with Sweet Chilli Sauce
  9. Egg fried Rice
  10. Egg fu-yong with Prawns and Fungus
  11. Black Beans Chicken
  12. Chucky’s chicken marinated with ginger & garlic in a well-balanced sweet soy sauce
  13. Beef & Noodle Stir fry in a sweet Indonesian soy sauce
  14. Thai Chicken Cakes with fresh Coriander, Lemon grass, green curry paste and more
  15. Thai Fish cakes with a fresh selection of Thai Flavours
  16. Toasted Coriander, Lemon and Fennel Seared Salmon
  17. Tempura Prawns in a Sweet & Sour Sauce
  18. Chocolate & banana Spring rolls

The Outcome

Cooking together is always fun! (Unless that’s just me?) Cooking with your colleagues and eating the food that everyone prepared added a great dynamic. It also provided a great team-building opportunity for CA Global staff, both in our groups, as well as groups with each other. This event was no ordinary team-building exercise.

See the cooking talent of CA Global yourself! I’ve uploaded some images of our evening, below. All the food that was cooked was delicious! Staff wolfed down everything that was prepared and we all left with full tummies and a smile on our face.

Definitely a cool team building experience that we would recommend! #ThumbsUp

CA Global Staff function: Giggling Gourmet Photo Album

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