Digital Jobs Africa: Rockefeller Foundation’s plan for 6 African countries

The Rockefeller Foundation are hard at work, planning and strategising an initiative dubbed “Digital Jobs Africa”, in which they aim to bolster the economies of 6 African countries, namely Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco and Egypt. $ 100 million will be allocated for the Digital Jobs Africa project, which will target economic sectors that require a boost. These would include strengthening the prevailing agricultural industries, improving water and health systems as well as improving technology within the countries.

Some countries in Africa are faced with climate change challenges, which affect the local countries’ agricultural yield, and subsequently their GDP.

Judith Rodin, President of The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation’s president, Judith Rodin, commented that Africa, particularly Kenya, faces a growing population of youth, which she said can be a focus for the Foundation’s Technology improvement plans in Africa as well as an opportunity to create jobs in Africa for the youth.

Jobs in Africa for the youth

Looking at the global trend pertaining to Africa and technological advancement, Rodin acknowledges that modern companies are growing on an ITC-based platform, so much so that should they bolster the ITC sector in Kenya and Africa, the job creation for the youth, coupled with the natural tendency of ITC growth, may spur on the creation of and the need for higher-skilled ITC jobs in Africa.

How will Rockefeller Foundation address the climate change issue in Africa?

Many countries in Africa are subject to very harsh climate change issues which bring about drought, flooding, and extreme heat conditions in which prosperous crop-yielding is difficult, which in turn negatively impacts the Agriculture sector and in turn, the livelihoods of the locals.

Rockefeller Foundation: Addressing climate change issues with local farmers in Africa

The Rockefeller Foundation will collaborate with In-Country Partners to help the local farmers to deal with the effects of the harsh climate changes in Africa. They plan to improve water management systems, whereby they build a system that collects run-off from flooding which can then be used to irrigate fields.

The Foundation will also be partnering with The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa to develop drought-resistant seeds!

The Rockefeller Foundation and the World Food Programme (WFP) have developed a technology called “risk metrics” which can help farmers to predict an imminent drought.

Country-level insurance for Africa farmers

Another initiative that Judith Rodin and the Rockefeller Foundation will be spearheading is African Union – a country-level insurance option whereby the African country can purchase insurance against the next climate-related vulnerability. This will allow the affected country access to immediate resources instead of having to wait once a crisis has occurred. Together with the Risk Metrics mentioned above, the African Union will allow the affected country the ability to efficiently prepare for an imminent climate-related issue, given the early warning system.

What’s next for Africa and the Rockefeller Foundation?

The Rockefeller Foundation will be addressing many other issues that Africa-specific countries face, not just climate change issues. They will be looking at things like curbing the spread of disease, improved health practices, educating locals on how to improve agricultural business practices as well as projects that include critical market based solutions that should help Africa continue to develop.  Judith Rodin has urged Africa governments to refine their policies to help guarantee the implementation of Digital Jobs Africa success.

A very inspiring initiative by Rockefeller Foundation, don’t you think? I see big things in Africa’s future…

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