Dingwayo Mpepu, Electrical & Electronic Power Engineering field, Sierra Leone

Dingwayo Keith Mpepu

What industry do you work in?

I am currently active in the open job market but am qualified in the Electrical & Electronic Power Engineering field. I am a skilled electrician having successfully held various positions in the past twelve years carrying out preventative & corrective maintenance on rolling mills & associated electrical switchgear as a Site Electrical Foreman, Support Service Technician, Test, Inspection, and Distribution & Maintenance Technician in the trade. I have proved to be a hands on individual with excellent analytic and interpersonal skills with diversified experience in all types of power cable termination and splicing/jointing.  I am also a highly computer literate & goal oriented team player with solid & traceable credentials.

What are your strengths?

Upon receiving adequate inspirational career guidance at being an electrical artisan, I managed to pursue studies in the electrical power engineering trade.

What inspired you to get into this sort of industry?

I successfully matriculated in mathematics and science subjects which made it possible for me to grasp engineering calculations at tertiary level. I was awarded a class one status in the electrical trade upon completion of a four year apprenticeship programme. Complemented the practical skills gained at work with internationally recognised qualifications that I took privately hence I was awarded an Advanced Technician Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

What is the most challenging aspect within your field of work?

Power cable splicing and termination techniques require an individual with thorough knowledge of the procedures involved and I can safely say they can pose a challenge in wet weather conditions.

How do you manage and overcome these challenges?

Upon attending a workshop offered by 3M, I have managed to master the various techniques involved in overcoming these challenges, now I have a passion to work on power cables of various sizes and capacities.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Having the opportunity of being assigned to led an electrical distribution department & having to produce reports, conveying maximum necessary technical information clearly in a concise manner and to communicate effectively.

If somebody starts as a trainee / beginner within your line of work, what could they earn in salary?

R33 per hour (approximately)

What can this person expect to earn after 10 years of experience?

R116 per hour (approximately)

What advice can you offer people who are in the same industry as you?

Whilst training I was mentored by (Shingi Nhatarikwa) a senior master electrician. He never would just answer questions, but would teach me to merge the theory learnt in a more practical response and I use the same technique to those I train.

If you had to describe yourself in FIVE WORDS, what would they be?

The desire to associate with dynamic organizations that utilize or harness my academic qualification in a practical approach in the field of power engineering, where promotion is based on merit and where there are opportunities of career progression.  I value job satisfaction and interaction with others in the best practices of health and safety ethics.

I look forward to major in renewable energy projects or mining operations.

Where in Africa have you worked before?

Having worked as an expatriate for $230M integrated, sustainable bio energy project in the Makenna area of Sierra Leone the Makenna Ethanol & Power Project, I have no problem relocating within Africa. The project included but was not limited to the following:

  1. The development of a Greenfield sugarcane plantation of approximately 10,000 hectares.
  2. The construction of an integrated bio energy facility including the sugarcane crushing facility and ethanol distillery.
  3. The construction of a 32 MW biomass co-generation power plant and associated infrastructure.

The project is expected to generate roughly 960,000 tons of sugarcane per year that will be used to produce.

Dingwayo Keith Mpepu is on LinkedIn and you can view his profile by clicking here: ,https://www.linkedin.com/in/deempepu

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