Earn R1 million annually: Jobs in South Africa

Looking for high paying jobs in South Africa? Look no further!

Salary comparison and career resource group ,Salary Explorer gathered data to find the 22 jobs in South Africa where employees can earn R1million or more annually. This data was gathered from a combination of user-reported data and salary information from various recruitment agencies, companies and employers. Salary Explorer reports that the average salary in South Africa is R337 000 before taxes – or just over R28 000 a month. The majority of these jobs fall within managerial and executive positions.

Here are the 22 jobs in South Africa where employees can earn over R1m annually:



Monthly income

Annual income

Chief Investment Officer

Executive and Management

R140 400

R1 684 800

Legal Services Director


R129 333

R1 552 000

IT Director

Information Technology

R124 375

R1 492 500

Financial Systems Manager

Information Technology

R120 000

R1 440 000

Surgeon – Neurology

Health and Medical

R120 000

R1 440 000

Senior Sales Executive

Sales Retail and Wholesale

R119 000

R1 428 000

Assistant to CEO

Executive and Management

R117 019

R1 404 229

Corporate Director

Executive and Management

R115 000

R1 380 000

Market Segmentation Director


R108 333

R1 300 000

Top R&D Executive

Business Planning

R108 333

R1 300 000


Executive and Management

R103 125

R1 237 500

Program Director

Information Technology

R100 000

R1 200 000

Finance Executive

Accounting and Finance

R97 500

R1 170 000

Executive Human Capital Management

Human Resources

R95 500

R1 146 000

Managing Director

Executive and Management

R94 712

R1 136 545

Chief Executive Officer

Executive and Management

R90 140

R1 081 683

Project Director


R90 000

R1 080 000

Demand Planning Manager

Purchasing and Inventory

R90 000

R1 080 000

Physician – Anesthesiology

Health and Medical

R88 528

R1 062 336

Senior Electrical Engineer


R88 000

R1 056 000

Chief Financial Officer

Executive and Management

R87 677

R1 052 000

Inventory Manager

Sales Retail and Wholesale

R85 000

R1 020 000

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