Farewell Zoe Mandalios – CA Global Will Miss You!

It is with a heavy heart that we at CA Global, bid farewell to Miss Zoe Mandalios.

She joined CA Global about 2 years ago as our ,Online Copywriter and Social Media Consultant. During this time, she built and managed our platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus our websites as well as the Blogs for all the divisions at the CA Global Group.

Farewell Zoe Mandalios

Farewell Zoe Mandalios

To all the candidates across Africa, who have built a relationship with her during her at time at CA Global, you may comment below to send her well-wishes of success on her new journey!

What’s going to happen to the PR and social media desk?

Let me introduce myself – My name is Fowzia Gamiet and I will be taking over from Zoe. She has passed on her knowledge and shared her database of Consultants and contacts with me. She has also kindly put me in touch with all her connections within Africa, that she has been dealing with.

For those of you who dont know, listed below are our social media platforms. Please click on the links below that pertain to your sector and connect with us!

CA Global Group

  1. CA Global Group Website
  2. CA Global Group Facebook Page
  3. CA Global Group Twitter
  4. CA Global Group Google Plus
  5. CA Global Group Blog (The site you’re on now)


  1. CA Engineering website & job board
  2. CA Engineering Facebook Page
  3. CA Engineering Google Plus
  4. Engineering Blog


  1. CA Mining website & job board
  2. CA Mining Facebook Page
  3. CA Mining Google Plus
  4. CA Mining Blog


  1. Finance website & job board
  2. Finance Facebook Page 
  3. Finance Google Plus
  4. Finance Blog

Oil & Gas

  1. Oil & Gas website & job board
  2. Oil & Gas Facebook Page
  3. Oil & Gas Google Plus
  4. Oil & Gas Blog

Expat Africa Payroll (EAP)

  1. EAP website & job board
  2. EAP Facebook Page

Africa Job Board

  1. Africa Job Board website
  2. Africa Job Board Facebook Page
  3. Africa Job Board Google Plus
  4. Africa Job Board Twitter
  5. Africa Job Board Instagram (NEW)

Our plan for 2015

We will be continuing the engagement with candidates and clients across our social media platforms. We will also continue our relations with the various PR and media outlets in Africa.

To all our candidates: I have registered an Instagram account for all the pictures that you have sent of yourselves on site.  We will be regularly featuring different pictures sent to me every week. Do you have any pictures of you working onsite that you would like me to feature? I am working on getting as many pictures as possible from our candidates from various industries across the world. These pictures of professionals working which will be uploaded onto our social media platforms for the world to see (Including our clients). This is just a fun and light-hearted way of interacting with our candidates from various industries, and creating an album dedicated to their hard work.

Thank you for reading!

Don’t forget to comment below and send Zoe all the love and well-wishes she deserves!

For any further information please get in contact with me on the below platforms:
Fowzia Gamiet: fowzia@caglobalint.com



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