Farm Managers in Africa need smart seeds

Farm Managers in Africa need better access to smart seeds

The issue of global warming is no secret to us and is, in fact, becoming an urgent point of concern within the agriculture sector.  Most small-scale farmers in Africa purchase seeds that can only yield crops according to the climate in which it is indigenous for. That being said, the crops yielded from these seeds cannot survive in the conditions brought on by global warming. [,Original Article]

Smart seeds

To cope with the harsh climate changes in climate, scientists have “manufactured” smart seeds. These are seeds that are genetically modified to cope with climate change as well as yield more food.

But according to Louise Sperling, senior technical adviser to Catholic Relief Services these seeds are not reaching our farmers in Africa.

Innovations in food science, including genetically modified seeds (smart seeds) that produce vitamin-rich crops that can withstand the hotter, drier conditions due to global warming, are not reaching many of Africa’s small farmers as they are not available in local markets; according to researchers.

Why are smart seeds not available to farmers in Africa?

Many researchers assumed that small-scale farmers saved their seeds from previous harvests instead of purchasing new seeds. However, in a recent study which included 10,000 seed transactions across Kenya, Malawi, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Haiti; researchers found that 55% of small-scale farmers actually bought their seeds either from local markets, family or friends.

The study highlighted that local farmers in Africa actually potential customers to the smart seeds. This means that the local farmers are open to change, open to varying their crops and more importantly, open to growing crops that are better resistant to climate change.  [Original Article]

What now?

Large seed distributers should market smart seeds to the small-scale farmers in Africa and devise a way to make it accessible to the small, rural markets in Africa.

Farm Manager Jobs in Africa

An established agribusiness and farming company is working with CA Global Headhunters to appoint Agri-experienced employees in Uganda and Zambia.

They are seeking an Operations Farm Manager in Uganda and Zambia; as well as an Assistant Farm Manager in Uganda and Zambia.

Farm Operations Manager Profile: You will be developing a large farming unit for their Zambian farming operations, this will include the clearing of bush and developing irrigation systems. You will also be responsible for the daily management of farming units.

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  1. Farm Operations Manager – Uganda
  2. Farm Operations Manager – Zambia

Assistant Farm Manager Profile: You will deputise the farm manager to manage and carry out duties associated with the day-to-day and long-term management of their large commercial farm whilst ensuring that the farm runs efficiently and profitably.

Download job spec for Farm Operations Manager

Apply directly (Click on the links below):

  1. Assistant Farm Manager – Uganda
  2. Assistant Farm Manager – Zambia


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