Gabon oil discoveries are described as a blessing

I had absolutely no idea that Gabon has one of the highest per capita income in all of Africa.

What drives the economy with such a high per capita income is because of the country’s vast oil discoveries and production.The country’s oil finds are actually nothing short from stratospheric. From 1.4 million tonnes in 1966, oil production increased to 18 million tonnes by 1998. Consequently, Gabon has one of the highest per capita income in Africa synchronised with public employment, wages, urban

infrastructure and transport developments.

The oil BOOM in Gabon has vastly attracted people from rural parts of the country to urban areas, especially young people of working age. The exodus to the cities and the reduced agriculture pressure has been a blessing for the forests. Over 80% of the country is still covered by forests and deforestation here – compared to many other Congo River Basin countries – is negligible.


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