Geothermal secures energy supply for the people of Djibouti

It has been confirmed that Djibouti is home to geothermal resources that can be utilised and help develop the country’s economic structure. Consequently, Djibouti’s government has started to heavily focus on geothermal as part of a larger national energy strategy. The benefits geothermal offers is the security of energy supply as well as decreased costs of electricity in the country.

The geothermal potential in Djibouti is estimated at about 1,000 MW. As with most things in life, there are a few obstacles that the country needs to overcome in order to achieve the use of geothermal energy for power generation. Two main problems were that of technological and financial constraints.

Geothermal energy in the country has transformed as a key focus. Djibouti’s government has been encouraged to gather all local and relevant means to mobilize for geothermal exploration and development of geothermal energy projects throughout the territory of Djibouti.

The country’s President, Guelleh publicised the establishment of an institutional framework that will support the research, studies, exploration and development of this well-needed natural resource.

Another larger driver in this reawakened interest is the need to reduce the cost of electricity for the population meeting demand of the urban and rural population,

Current and future drivers of the Djibouti economy are the urban and rural populations. This is one of the main reasons why geothermal energy is now a prime focal point. This resource has the ability to reduce the cost of electricity for the country’s drivers.

The World Bank has shown financial support for the country in providing funding amounting to $6 million in order to conduct research for geothermal energy development.

The geothermal development program will furthermore boost foreign investment, which is crucial to economic development.

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