Get to Know a CA Global Recruitment Consultant: Dylan Smuts

Dylan Smuts

Today we are shining a spotlight on one of CA Global Finance’s Executive Recruitment Consultants. Dedicated and driven, get to know Dylan Smuts as he tells us a bit about himself, his values, and his outlook on his work.

Dylan Smuts, one of our Executive Recruitment Consultants

Dylan prides himself on his principles, commitment to his clients and candidates, and unfailing ambition to succeed.

He knows the ins and outs of the African markets and has experience across diverse industries and different job seniority levels.

About Dylan

My values and traits when it comes to how they influence my approach to recruitment

Accountability I acknowledge my own responsibility for actions and decision-making, and I respect my obligation to report, explain, and be answerable to my clients and candidates.

Being reliable, consistently delivering high quality and strong performance I make an effort to consistently perform well and provide a good-quality service.

Trustworthy By being accountable and reliable, I hope to show my clients and candidates that they can trust in me to deliver.

Professionalism I abide by a strict code of conduct that enshrines rigorous ethical and moral obligations.

Client-centric By providing a service that focuses on creating the best experience for a client, I ensure that they are at the centre of our business’s philosophy, operations, or ideas.

It is my belief that the reason recruiters exist is because of clients, and I use every means at my disposal to keep them satisfied.

Approachable I aim for my professionalism and client-centric attitude towards recruitment to make me approachable for candidates and clients alike.

What about my job gives me satisfaction

I derive value from my position as an Executive Recruitment Consultant through client and customer interaction, solving problems for my clients by making their lives easier, and by placing unique talent that assist companies in growing their business and taking their business to a competitive level.

My work process

I approach my recruitment work in terms of maximising efficiency.

This means I focus on methods that allow for a faster turnaround with improved outcomes, while ensuring that the recruitment process is done properly and that the right candidate is placed in the position.

What I hope for from a career in recruitment

To be recognised as a globally elite recruitment consultant.

Get in touch with Dylan

You can request Dylan’s services by contacting him directly through his email at or giving him a call on 076 772 6465.

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