How Google Analytics Boosts Workplace Functionality

Here at CA Global, we are in the business of people. We work with people every single day, striving to provide our service in the best, most effective manner possible. The strength of our business thus lies in our ability to serve the client. As a result, to understand the habits of our clients and be completely involved in the client experience is of integral importance to us.

This is why we turn to Google Analytics. The site essentially tracks and reports on web traffic for a given site. Google Analytics, the most widely used analytics service, is an incredibly effective marketing tool, as it allows us insight into the actions and patterns of our clients. It is an audience reception study on a grand scale, without doing any physical or manual work, and it is an internet study, as we analyse the efficacy of our social media platforms and how they perform.

The Salience of Social Media

We live in the Technological age, where information is quite literally at our fingertips at all times. We carry technology in our pockets every day. So why not harness that? The internet, and social media, is not only there for entertainment. It can also be a place of opportunity. Online, people can gather information, learn of new opportunities and change their lives in numerous ways. When used effectively, social media can become a site of promotion, engagement and mobilization. This is where our online presence come in. Social media is an increasingly growing market. In this day and age, who doesn’t have some sort of social media? There are billions of social media users across the platforms worldwide, and the number keeps rising. Today, in order to adapt to the time, business need to have some sort of online footprint. However, the nature of social media means that there is distance between the sender and the recipient. We put out content, but cannot easily speak to the recipient about said content.

This is where Google Analytics enters. Think about it this way: In marketing, sales executives hold focus groups to gauge the thoughts and feelings of their consumers on a particular product. Similarly, we use Google analytics to understand how clients and potential clients respond to our services, albeit it on a much wider, more comprehensive scale. The product, in this case, is our communication. With Google Analytics, we can map our business value through raw data. Every click of a button means something to us. We want to know what it is, and Google Analytics can help us decipher this message.

And we are not alone in this. Big businesses and individuals alike turn to Google Analytics to help concretize the impact of their online footprint. Research from Econsultancy has shown that 60% of leading marketers refer to their analytics in decision making. Using marketing analytics has also been proven to boost revenue and business performance.

Currently, we have 36 websites across the various social media sites. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and we have multiple WordPress blogs for our various sectors of focus. Our sectors include Oil and Gas, Mining, Banking and Finance, and Engineering. In addition, our sites accommodate various languages, such as French, and Portuguese, to suit our multilingual client base. This mass media presence is purposeful. We diversify our internet pages so as to increase our reach to potential clients. The result is that there is a social media site for any and every client. Through these sites, we can access our clients in different ways and through different channels. We can reach people who might have never heard of us otherwise.

Deconstructing our data:

Referring to Google Analytics data reveals insight into the efficacy of our work. Through this service, we can identify: our most popular days for engagement; which link gets the most traffic; how long people stay on the page; and much more. Using this data allows us to create content that is effective and valuable to our clients. For example, at 18.4%, most of our users are from South Africa, followed by Nigeria at 16.2%. As such, we might release jobs specifically in these regions to target these clients. The beginning of the week is by far our most busy days in terms of traffic, with most views coming in the early hours of the morning, from 12am-10am, so more content might be generated for this time frame. Our most popular age demographic is 25-34, with 35.67% of our views coming from this age grouping. Following closely by is the 35-44 grouping, at 31.18% of views generated. Furthermore, our demographic is overwhelmingly male, with 69.4% of traffic coming from male users. With all of this in mind, we then all of take this raw data and put it into practical work. As such, all this data contributes to how we tailor our communication and focus going forward. It allows us to review our approach, and better it for our client base. Google Analytics therefore supports the way we do business.

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