How To Find Purpose In Your Work

How to find purpose in your work

Feeling unfilled and lacking purpose in your work? You’re not alone.

How To Find Purpose In Your Work

It is very easy to feel like another cog in the system. Life often becomes a routine of wake up, work, eat, sleep and do it all again tomorrow. Your workplace is where you spend most of your waking hours. If you’re feeling lost or purposeless in this environment, its going to breed further discontent in your life.

Maybe you feel that you’re work is meaningless, or trivial. Maybe you feel unseen, unheard. Or you can feel that you’re not making a difference. You feel like you have no purpose at work. A lack of purpose often contributes to burnout (exhaustion, a sense of inefficacy, and cynicism), a problem affecting many employees around the world. We’ve all felt this to some degree at some point in our careers and life in general. However, its not healthy to always feel like this. If you wake up every day dreading work, that’s not okay.


But how does one find purpose in their work? Experts suggest a shift in thinking. Most people argue that you need to follow your dreams to be fully content in your work. However, it is not a requirement for you to follow your dream to feel purpose in your work. You could be doing something far from what you imagined or desired and still feel purpose, as long as you create meaning in that job. According to Quartz reporter, Cassie Webber, “Meaning isn’t something to be found, and it can’t be uncovered by heartfelt commitment, long hours, and self-sacrifice. Meaning is something we make.”” she writes. She continues, “Accepting that fact can transform what you choose to do with your life, but it can also transform the way you feel about what it is you already do. Your career is a treasure-hunt, except you are not the person seeking the ultimate prize. You are writing the map “.

Find your “Why?”

You need a why? When you know why you do what you do, the what becomes so much more worthwhile. So how can you find your why? Look deeper. Look at the human aspect of your job. How does your work improve the lives of others? For example, a recruiter helps people find their dream jobs, or helps them exit a bad work environment. You therefore bring positive change and instill excitement and pride in others. You open doors for them. This is why you do what you do. To help people. To change their lives.

Thinking beyond the base value part of your job exposes the deeper meaning behind your work. Rather than allowing the unpleasant aspects of your job weigh you down, you should focus on the part of your work that energises you. Let that drive you. Any job has a purpose if you look hard enough.

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