How to get a job in Africa’s Oil & Gas Sector

How to get a job in Africa’s Oil & Gas Sector

Today the global and African Oil & Gas Sector is in great demand and discoveries seem to be limitless. This boom in the sector implies that more skilled workers are needed in order to maximize and produce full capacity. Working on oil rigs poses danger and is physically challenging, however, to compensate for this, salaries within this sector are good and the overall salary package often includes incentives.

This blog post aims to provide all you job hunters with valuable tips on how to find an oil rig job.

Oil rig criteria

  • Large oil rig corporations seek mentally and physically fit adults who are non-smokers and accept unusual shifts/schedules. Aim to achieve experience as a mechanic as oil corporations are often sourcing for rig workers who are skillful in mechanic jobs. Electricians, cooks, engineers or medic are vital and valued jobs in oil careers.

CA Oil & Gas / Recruitment in Africa is an excellent industry website providing diverse Oil & Gas jobs for both onshore and offshore rigs. CA Oil & Gas invests a lot of time in bridging the latest jobs in Africa’s Oil & Gas Sector with candidates from all around the world.

Accomplish a Basic Offshore Safety Instruction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) certificate because this is extremely vital (countries might offer different courses for this, however they are all the same in learning outcomes).

The offshore oil industry is one of the most exciting and thrilling industries to be part of in the world.  A career in this sector has the capacity to take you around the world and also brings great pay. So if you are seeking for an oil rig job because you want to make good money and gain working experience, what are you waiting for? Join CA Oil & Gas / Recruitment in Africa to be part of Africa’s thriving Oil & Gas Sector.

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