Into the future with energy efficiency in AFRICA

To make our world more energy-efficient, Africa is increasing the efficiency of power generation, making use of smart grids and power-saving energy transmission and distribution, expands the use of renewable energy and develops energy-efficient solutions for power supply and access.

In northern Africa, 99% of the population has access to electricity. But how is the situation in other African regions? In Sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, only about 30 percent can’t use electricity. Approximately 560 million Africans do not have access to reliable electricity. 75% of generated power is consumed in five countries: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and South Africa.

Foreign and National Companies aim to help improve the situation. If fossil fuels were the only energy sources used for power generation, the CO₂ emissions on the African continent would increase dramatically. Thus, the use of renewable energy is growing more and more important.

The South African government, for example, is investing significantly in the construction of a new energy infrastructure and in upgrading the existing networks. The country also plans to change the energy mix to be able to provide 40 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2030.

Siemens is the world’s leading provider of comprehensive green solutions along the entire energy conversion chain. In fiscal 2014, we want to exceed the €40 billion revenue mark with green technologies. In fiscal 2013, our Environmental Portfolio, which features a large number of innovations, generated revenue of €32.3 billion, enabling our customers to cut their accumulated CO₂ emissions by 377 million tons.


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