Is the advancement in Africa dependent on China?

Concerning all things development, do you feel that Africa needs China? OR do your feelings lean towards perhaps China needs Africa? That is the topic for today’s CA Global blog.

Mainly for the accessibility of raw materials, it is known to the world that China needs Africa; China conquers an enormous mining presence in Africa.

It’s obvious that because China’s economy is rapidly expanding and therefore urgently need access to raw materials, however, this is not the only reason for China’s investment and interest in the continent, but to also share technical logistics and enhancements as well as gain access to foreign markets. These reasons make it apparent that China does indeed need Africa, but to what extent does Africa need China?

China’s interactive tactic with Africa stems from its achievement as a world economic supremacy.  China employs an extensive scope of political instruments and economic encouragements in the forms of infrastructure investments, development assistance, and lastly peacekeeping and military collaboration. Countries in Africa have access to cheap manufactured products including cars, electronics, and toys simply because China’s exports have allowed for this to happen.  The Asian country has majorly invested in infrastructure operations and increased its imports to Africa which have also helped Africa regarding manufacturing. In 2012 18% of Africa’s imports derived from China.

Linking to credit, African countries like Sierra Leone, Sudan and Zimbabwe have benefited tremendously from China’s readiness and eagerness in investing in high-risk conditions that the rest of the world would dare get involved. With this said, China has less competition by doing so. Africa has over 1million residents of China origin who live and work on the continent. More so than any other 1st world country, China has aided peacekeeping and advancement projects in Africa for countries such as Angola and Liberia. They have also assisted in the authorization of United Nations missions to several African countries.

The conclusion is that Africa does need China. Trade partners, investments, financial support and cooperation in a whole number of areas are a few but main key points in why Africa needs China. China’s involvement with Africa has allowed African countries to reach infrastructure that has been highly needed.

Africa does need and may continue to need Beijing’s engagement in Africa and with this said China is not the only viable option. The rest of the world is looking to increase a position on the continent as a means to receive access to African markets and in turn to obtain various benefits from Africa. In return, Africa can demand fresh trading partners and foreign investment in various sectors and other technical logistics.


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