It’s Official: Africa’s first solar-powered airport

Africa’s first solar-powered airport


Did you now that sunlight can be converted to electricity? Solar-powered panels made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells are used to convert sunlight into Direct Current (DC) electricity which is stored throughout the day. The stored energy is then converted into an alternating current (AC) electricity via a special inverter to your home or business… and now to an entire airport in Africa!

It’s Official: Africa’s first solar-powered airport

Tomorrow (26th February 2016) marks an exciting day for solar power in Africa! Why? Well, Africa’s first solar-powered airport will be launched right here in George, South Africa! [,Read more]

Solar-powered energy is the future

According to Transport Minister Dipuo Petersthe, a clean energy source spanning 200m² metres, has been designed to supply the George Airport with 750kw of its total electricity needs through harnessing energy from the sun. The aim will be to make George Airport completely independent of the local grid and ultimately to supply George Airport with its own electricity source for daily operation. Any surplus of energy generated will most likely be sold to Eskom.

How does solar-powered energy work?

  1. Photovoltaic (PV) cells convert sunlight to direct current (DC) electricity during the day.
  2. The inverter converts DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity.
  3. The electrical panel sends power to your lights and appliances.
  4. The utility meter measures the energy you draw and feed back to the grid. It actually goes backward when your system generates more power than you immediately need. This excess solar energy offsets the energy you use at night. [Read more]

Find out more about about the Solar-Powered Airport Project by visiting the Eden Municipality Website: HERE

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