Land IT jobs in Cape Town with an asset management company

IT jobs in Cape Town

The most sought after jobs in South Africa companies are looking to fill are Finance and IT jobs. This is according to the latest Career Junction index which covers the South African job market. [,Business Tech: The most in-demand jobs in Africa] It makes sense when you look at the way our country (and the globe) is advancing technologically.

It so happens that ,CA Global has a few clients who are looking to fill a few IT professionals in the finance sector.

One of our clients operates in the investment and asset management spectrum and has the following jobs in IT available to apply for in Cape Town, South Africa:


For all the jobs listed below, a working knowledge of the fund management industry will be advantageous.

Business Analyst Job

Data Analyst Job

Senior Windows Developer Job

Technical Project Manager Job

To apply for any of the above jobs, first click on the link to read the minimum requirements; if you meet the minimum requirements then update your CV and send it to ,Naielah Solomon at

Not from the IT or finance industry? Then apply for a job in another sector by visiting our ,CA Global Group job portal.

Good luck!

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