Letšeng Diamond Mine discovers TWO unique diamonds

Letšeng Diamond Mine has discovered two extremely unique diamonds all in a timeframe of merely 5 months. Gem Diamonds Ltd is the London-based majority shareholder of Letšeng Diamond Mine with 70% shares with the Lesotho government owning the remaining 30%. On Monday Gem Diamonds Ltd let the world know about the discovery of a 12.47 carat blue diamond and an 83.8 carat white diamond. These special findings are described by the company as “exceptional quality”.

This is certainly not the first time that the Letšeng Diamond Mine has been extremely fortunate in diamond discoveries; earlier this year Letšeng announced the discovery of 3 diamonds weighing   164-carat,  103-carat and 100-carat, with the former being sold for $ 9 million. The other two diamonds were sold for unrevealed amounts.

Gem Diamonds Limited released the following press release:

“Gem Diamonds Limited is pleased to announce the recovery of a rare 12.47 carat blue diamond and an 83.8 carat, exceptional quality, white diamond from the Letšeng mine in Lesotho in September 2013. Both of these diamonds are expected to fetch good prices at Letšeng’s tenders held in Antwerp, Belgium.”

It has been publicized that the mine is likely to carry on finding further high- quality stones before the end of the year. Letšeng continues to recover large, white, largely undamaged diamonds on a relatively consistent basis as well as the occasional rare blue or pink diamond. As mining focuses on the higher value and higher grade Satellite pipe during the latter part of this year, it is expected that Letšeng will continue to produce more of these exceptional diamonds.

Letšeng was bought by Gem Diamonds in 2006 for $118.5 million. The mine has produced some of the world’s biggest diamonds, including the 603-carat Lesotho Promise in 2006; the largest diamond unearthed this century, and a 550-carat stone that was discovered in 2011.

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