LinkedIn Recruitment Trends 2014

LinkedIn Recruitment Trends

The global (and African) industry of ,,,,,recruitment is constantly changing and adapting to new trends and LinkedIn knows a lot about the global recruitment industry; almost every successful business makes use of the LinkedIn platform. Keeping up with how consultants recruit is not easy, and this post aims to deliver the latest LinkedIn recruitment trends for  2014 so that you, our global job seekers, can land your dream job in Africa’s ,,,,Mining, ,,,,Oil & Gas, ,,,,Engineering and ,,,,Banking / Finance Sectors.

LinkedIn Recruitment trends –  1:

Recruitment consultants are increasingly relying on social networks to headhunt all types of working professionals. No matter how happy you are with your current job, imagine if a recruiter with the best job finds you on LinkedIn, would you turn it down? Probably not! The advice here is for you to go where recruiters are, and put your best foot forward. Recruiters are using LinkedIn, therefore you should too. Make it easy for recruitment consultants to find you by building and updating your profile frequently, and in turn expand your network.

LinkedIn Recruitment trends – 2:

Recruitment consultants are more and more making use of data to make better hiring choices. Data analytics enable recruitment consultants to headhunt the perfect candidate for a job who has the right skills, experience, talents and commitment.  This means that it is vital for you to add specific achievements, qualifications and other attributes so that your profile is significantly encouraged. At the end of the day you want your profile to appear in searches made by recruitment consultants.

A trick for this trend is to plug in keywords from the profiles, job descriptions and Company Pages that you are attracted to and that are relevant to you.

LinkedIn Recruitment trends – 3:

Employers are increasingly investing in managing their reputations. All companies want to be seen as an awesome place to work and are therefore shaping their online activity and communication by being more proactive and clear / transparent.

Take a look into a company’s culture much earlier in the hiring process by visiting Company and Career Pages on LinkedIn to figure out if you are what the company is looking for. Furthermore be part of their groups and conversations as engaging like this will not only save you to time, but will also allow you to make the best decisions.

LinkedIn Recruitment trends – 4:

Businesses most of the time want your next career choice to be in-house, not to the competition. Because of this, businesses are embracing the significance of endorsing talent from within.

Now it’s time for you to look at the business you work for company page on LinkedIn in order to find out about the latest employment opportunities. An amazing benefit here is that you already know about the business you work for and already have an internal network / connection. Find ways to develop the job description’s skills in the job you are currently doing.

LinkedIn Recruitment trends – 5:

Companies are trying to figure out ‘mobile recruiting’ so they can connect with candidates like you who are on the go. Are you reading this on your phone? Mobile recruiting is in its infancy, but it has huge potential to make the hiring process more immediate and more convenient. One thing is clear – candidates want it and will use it. Download LinkedIn’s mobile app for a mobile-friendly way to find and apply for jobs.

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