Looking for jobs in Africa? Here’s the secret…

The Biggest Job Board in Africa Recruitment

The Biggest Job Board in Africa Recruitment

Jobs in Africa are hard to find… unless of-course, you know where to look! The secret to finding a job in Africa, is what everyone would like to know. The answer is simple… you need to be able to market yourself with the right people. This includes networking with decision-makers yourself, AND having a good relationship with a Recruitment Agent who focuses on Africa Recruitment!

The biggest job board in Africa at the moment is ,,Africa Job Board.

The Biggest Job Board in Africa Recruitment

Companies with operations in Africa approach recruitment firm, ,,CA Global, to assist with jobs in Africa. These companies know that CA Global has a good reputation with African nationals and a strong Africa network. CA Global knows locals in All the major African countries, as well as remote Africa.

Once CA Global is approached to assist a company find locals and expats to work in any country in Africa, they publish the job to Africa Job Board immediately. This is why the Africa Job Board should be your first choice to look for jobs in Africa.

These are the companies that Africa Job Board supports:

  1. Major Banks in Africa
  2. Oil & Gas companies (Upstream/ Downstream/ Oil & Gas services etc.)
  3. Engineering Companies (PowerGen / Renewable Energy / Construction/ Wind, etc)
  4. Financial Services (Consulting / Audit Firms, etc.)
  5. Insurance Companies (Short-term/ Long-term/ Life/ etc.)
  6. Agriculture Companies
  7. Lusophone
  8. Francophone

How to get notifications of all jobs in Africa

If you upload your CV you will have direct access to the latest jobs in our database of jobs in Africa! Create a profile for yourself, add your skills and voila, you will also be eligible to receive the latest jobs in your field, straight to your inbox. Upload your CV ,,HERE to get access to jobs in Africa. When the right job becomes available, our Consultants will get in touch with you.

Talk to us about jobs in Africa

Are you a Student? Lecturer? School-leaver? Want to know about University life in one of the other African countries? Well, we have the answer. New to the Africa Job board, is “,Africa Universities/ and the ,Africa Universities Forum.

We know that Africa is a population of highly educated individuals. We know this because we speak to candidates from ALL over Africa and some have more than 2 degrees as well as professional registration.

Africa Universities Forum is where we discuss issues around university life. We love talking to you and hearing your thoughts on how university life in Africa is. The current topic of conversation is what the best university in Africa is. Tell us which university in Africa you have been to and who you think is the best in Africa. Here’s the link for you: https://africauniversities.org/forums/topic/top-ranked-university/

Learn about new jobs in Africa every day

If you would like to learn about new jobs every day, add us on Google plus. We will add you back. Here is the link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114103859550522852753/+caglobalint/posts

The fun side of jobs in Africa

I am collecting as many pictures as possible from our candidates who work in Africa! These pictures of professionals working will be uploaded onto our social media platforms for the world to see (Including our clients).

This is a fun way of interacting with our candidates from various industries, and creating an album dedicated to their hard work


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