Mining, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Finance in Algeria

Algeria forms part of Northern Africa and comprises of 48 provinces.

Algeria is one of the most fascinating countries in North Africa. From mining and oil & gas, to engineering and banking, Algeria has it all. This prosperous region has massive potential to enhance its economic growth even more.

The Mining Industry in Algeria

Algeria’s mineral industry is led by the manufacturing of metals and industrial minerals. The North African country is made up of plenty mineral commodities include aggregate and crushed stone, barite, cement, dolomite, feldspar, iron ore, phosphate rock, salt, construction sand, and steel.

The Engineering Industry in Algeria

In order to support demands, over 140,000 miles of power lines have been constructed. The long term goal for the engineering sector is to develop and grow its power lines as a means to support and provide electricity to isolated rural communities. Since early 2000 there have been considerable private investments in new electricity generating capacity.

The Banking Industry in Algeria

With a meaningful GDP growth valued at 2.5% (2012), the economy not only remains strong but it also plans to expand and improve all economic elements to achieve long-term and permanent growth. Generating an increase in wealth and employment are additional core focuses for Algeria’s government.

The Oil & Gas Industry in Algeria

With an economy based on oil resources, Algeria is home to the largest oil company in Africa. The success of the country’s economy is due to its natural resource, petroleum. Additionally, Algeria is a main gas producer and exporter to Europe and other parts of the world. Producing roughly 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day, Algeria has one of the biggest natural gas reserves, ranking 10th largest world-wide and is the sixth-biggest exporter of gas.

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