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One thing about working with candidates from every country in Africa, is that you get to engage with so many different cultures, discuss different view points, see  interests and most importantly, help people find jobs in Africa!

The fun side of working with people in different sectors, is that I get to learn so much about the different kinds of jobs in Africa that all the candidates do. CA Global knows how hard all our candiadtes work, so we have extended an invitation to everyone working in Africa, to send us a shot video clip of yourself working.

All I can say is, WOW!

Some of the videos that we received are so amazing that I decided I will share them with all our readers in Africa.

One of our regular contributors – Amos Nyangweso – not only sends us the most amazing pictures of himself on site but he also sent us the coolest video, ever! The video contains the landcape of what looks like a desert landfill. The camera pans across the area, giving us an overview of the entire area. Then it zooms into a small section where something AMAZING happens.Well, amazing to those of us who do not know what happens on the mine.

Have a look for yourselves. Download the video that Amos sent to us:

Download the video that Amos sent to us

If you would like to send us some pictures and short video clips for our ,Africa Job Board diary, then please send them to me. I am collecting pictures from everyone working in Africa, from all sectors in Africa, doing all jobs in Africa These pictures will be uploaded onto our social media platforms for the world to see (Including our clients).

This is just a fun and light-hearted way of interacting with our candidates from various industries, and creating an album dedicated to their hard work!

Please keep the pictures and videos professional. In other words, no partying selfies.

Have a great weekend, Africa!

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