DRC Mining Jobs – New Africa Recruitment Trends – Looking to Locals

New Recruitment Trends in Africa – Mining Jobs in DRC – Looking at Locals in Africa

There was not a single sector unaffected by covid-19, directly or indirectly during this year. 2020 proved to be one of the more challenging years that the world has experienced. Everywhere one looked, headlines were dominated by the terms like “lockdown”, “Zoom fatigue”, “new normal” and other pandemic-related topics. Now that countries have managed to get the pandemic partially under control, we are left with having to address the effects on their economies. Additionally, with the lockdown forcing most people to work remotely, it forged the way for companies to consider a new, flexible working arrangement as a new normal.

This article will discuss how recruitment trends have changed the world of work in Africa, particularly in DRC.

Effect on Recruitment in Africa

Focusing on DRC as that is our most noticeably stricter country pertaining to Mining jobs in Africa. Our clients with operations in DRC have stipulated stricter requirements for the candidates presented. They are focusing on recruiting locals over expatriates and it looks like this is going to be the trend all over Africa. DRC Mining Jobs will now be more difficult to break into if you are an expatriate.

This is not only the case in DRC but also across other countries in Africa. With stricter cross-border regulations companies are looking locally for staff.

Effect on Recruitment in South Africa

South Africa is still struggling to repair its economy, due to the damaging impact of the coronavirus. South Africa saw a dip in the gross domestic product (GDP), taking South Africa back “13 years” according to an independent economist, Thabi Leoka. [Source] In the final quarter, however, South Africa is seeing 13.5% growth – the first positive return after four negative quarters. [Source]

New Recruitment Trends in South Africa

Recruitment trends in South Africa have changed considerably. For instance, we are seeing a move towards more digital recruitment in the form of online interviews such as Skype and Zoom. We are also seeing many employees still working from home, or remotely – either full-time or on some rotational arrangement.

Have you noticed any new work-related changes? Do you think it will remain in place and become the new normal way of working or recruiting?

South African Economy Looking at Mining

The need to rebuild investor confidence in the South African economy was identified as key to an economic recovery plan for the country. South Africa will be looking to the Mining & Metals sector to rebuild the economy. [Source]

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