Mobile devices peak in the African business sector

The time has come when the African business sector more so than ever embraces mobile devices.  A study conducted by the Africa Business Panel which comprised of 1776 African business professionals as the participant. This survey emphasises to what degree the African business sector is employing mobile devices.

Survey findings

  1. Only 67% of African business professionals are using a desktop as appose to the amount using laptops, 94%.
  2. A fairly new mobile innovation, the tablet, has at present adopted by 47% of the business sector in Africa.
  3. 76% professionals across Africa adopt the use of a smartphone.
  4. For classic mobile phones, 64%.
  5. 9%  possess both a private and a company smartphone.


In terms of which medium is the safest, Laptops are 90% (best) protected due to strict software instillations. Of users of desktops, 76% made use of security. For tablets, 46%, and the least protected are smartphones 44%. I’m sure anyone can guess that because of high, installing security software is not being achieved.  39% said that it was because costs were too high, 32% said it was because of a lack of urgency and 17% said complexity was the main reason for not installing security software.


Smartphones are used most frequently. 65% of the business participants in the survey use their smartphones several times a day making smartphones the most frequently used. 54% use their laptops just as frequently, with users of tablets following at 44%. 22% never use their personally owned mobile phone for work related communication as opposed to the smartphone, of which 6% of the owners say they never use it.

The biggest devices in Africa is still the Blackberry as number one, then the Samsung mobile and then iPhones

Across Africa, Samsung is the leading smartphone brand with 30% of the participants who had a smartphone were possessed a Samsung. iPhone comes in third place with a percentage of nineteen,

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