Offshore West Africa, The Continuing Professional Development Programme

PennWell is thrilled to publicise the further implementation of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme as part of Offshore West Africa 2015.

Working in conjunction with The Energy Institute and Lonadek, this exhilarating new adding is aimed at young and experienced professionals who strive to grow and develop in capability and skills fitting to the Energy, Power and Hydrocarbon industries.

This initiative is part of PennWell and Offshore West Africa’s community service initiative to assist with the regions goal of developing a sustainable sector, through educating students, young professionals and vigorously promoting ongoing professional development.

The Energy Institute is the leading Royal Charter professional membership body for the international energy industry, providing opportunities for career development, learning and networking.

The Energy Institute is pleased to collaborate with Lonadek and PennWell to support individuals and organisations on a global scale. With just under 14,000 individual members and 300 organisation members in over 100 countries, the Energy Institute offers a recognised professional community for those engaged in all aspects of energy and is the only chartered professional membership body solely for the energy sector.

How the CPD Programme works at Offshore West Africa

Under the agreed CPD programme, for attending Offshore West Africa 2015, each participant that chooses to register with the Energy Institute as a Graduate member would gain 2 points with a chance of gaining an additional 8 points if they submit a 1500 word essay post event.

For each Affiliate member, 5 points will be issued for attending Offshore West Africa 2015 as long as the delegate is able to prove that he/she attended at least five (5) technical sessions, and hands in documented proof by the end of the conference which includes:

  1. List of the top 5 the sessions they attended
  2. Details of what each session was about, details of the presenter and other relevant details such as most useful question asked; and
  3. A summary of the session, which should be in the range of 50-100 words


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