Recruiting the African Diaspora

Recruiting the African Diaspora

The advent of the African Diaspora over the last two decades has had a profound impact on the Africa market. Where once many individuals left to further their education or work experience abroad, market growth has seen many Africans return or consider returning to their home continent.

Diaspora in recruitment basically refers to a scattered population of people from a particular geographic locale being returned to their homeland. So if we are looking at South Africa for example, South African Diaspora would refer to South African nationals who left the country to work in another country (expats); and then reintegrating these South Africans back into South Africa (diaspora… or a repatriate as some might prefer).

Through maintaining communication with our Africa networks, recruiting African diaspora has been an extremely successful exercise for the CA Global Group and it is indicative of a growing continental market place, affording opportunities to candidates to assist in the growth of their countries and continent.

Looking for African diaspora from a particular country in Africa? CA Global’s Consultants will be able to assist you staff your company with diaspora for the country that you are setting up operations in.

Are you an Africa Diaspora?

I would like to contact you about your work life and the success and challenges that you experience every day. 


Contact me via ,email on Twitter, or in the comments below so that I can discuss in more detail with you.

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